Smart Air Conditioner Features and Benefits: What You Need to Know

LG ThinQ App on Smartphone Screen LG ThinQ App on Smartphone Screen
  • What is a smart air conditioner?

    Imagine coming back to a comfortably cool home in the summer, without worrying about leaving your air conditioner running all day long. This is the convenience of smart air conditioners. They let you control your home’s temperature with your smart device remotely. And as you may have guessed from the word “smart,” they allow you to access your air conditioner's capabilities through Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, if you’re a techy type who enjoys advanced technology, you’ll be impressed by the capabilities of the LG ThinQ® app, which you can download and control from your compatible smart device to control your smart air conditioner. If you are still wondering what exactly smart air conditioners do, how they compare to traditional air conditioners, what features the LG ThinQ® app provides, and what to consider when choosing the best smart air conditioner for your home, read on to find out more.

  • What's the difference between a smart air conditioner and other air conditioners?

    Convenience is one of the main advantages smart air conditioners offer over regular air conditioners. Unlike typical air conditioners, smart ones can be controlled remotely using an application on your smart device.* The connectivity of smart air conditioners allows them to be controlled through compatible mobile devices, voice assistants, and other smart devices, allowing for more flexible and personalised use.

*The smart air conditioning system will need to be connected to Wi-Fi for smart device accessibility
  • Smart air conditioner benefits unlocked by the LG ThinQ® app

  • Learn more about the benefits of LG smart air conditioners below, including monitoring power consumption through the LG ThinQ® app*. Plus, see how it is possible to remotely control your air conditioner from any room in the house by reading below.

*LG ThinQ® app available on compatible Android or iOS smartphones. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration with LG ThinQ® required. Visit for features, system compatibility and service availability which may vary by country and model.
  • Air conditioning capable of monitoring power consumption

    Smart air conditioners can help reduce power consumption by allowing you to control the air conditioning unit whether you are at work or on vacation. Many smart air conditioners allow you to turn off your unit when you're out to prolong its life and monitor power consumption. Additionally, smart air conditioners can reach the temperature you set without running at full power by intelligently monitoring operating modes and temperature points. The LG ThinQ® app* allows you to adjust temperature, fan speed, and other settings from your smart device. ThinQ® can also integrate with other compatible smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, enabling you to control your air conditioning with specific voice commands. Moreover, the LG ThinQ® app comes equipped with other energy-saving features such as a programmable thermostat, Energy Saver function, and Sleep mode. While smart air conditioners may require more initial setup than traditional air conditioners, its added convenience makes it worthwhile to invest for any modern home.

*To make use of ThinQ® features such as connection with smartphones and other devices, or other advertised functions, ThinQ® app must be downloaded on your smart device and each device must be connected to a wifi.
  • Air conditioning controlled over Wi-Fi

    One of the benefits of Wi-Fi-enabled control is integration with smart home devices. This allows your appliances to interact with one another. The connected devices such as smart speakers, televisions, virtual assistants, lights and even climate control systems, can be connected to your smartphone as a centralised hub. Among its many features, LG ThinQ® connects you to your LG home air conditioning system through a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control and monitor your home climate from anywhere using a smart device. You can adjust the temperature, fan speed, and other settings by simply using LG ThinQ®. The app also allows you to monitor the power consumption of your air conditioner, helping identify any changes needed to reduce energy consumption with LG ThinQ®. You can even program the air conditioner to turn on or off at certain times using LG ThinQ®’s Smart Scheduling. These features can save you time and money. Matching their air conditioning functions to your lifestyle, smart air conditioners can provide convenience by monitoring & controlling through the ThinQ® App*. They’re a simple way to upgrade your home’s climate control system with connected home innovation.

* Features provided by ThinQ® may vary by country and region.
  • LG’s smart application: ThinQ®

  • ThinQ® is LG technology that aims to make your home life more connected*. With ThinQ®, you can control your smart home devices and appliances from anywhere, check their Wi-Fi connectivity, and troubleshoot issues. The LG ThinQ® app's Smart Diagnosis feature allows you to conduct quick checkups for preventative care to ensure everything is functioning correctly, including filter replacement reminders.

*Features provided by ThinQ® may vary by country and region. To make use of ThinQ® features such as connection with smartphones and other devices, or other advertised functions, ThinQ® app must be downloaded on your smart device and each device must be connected to a wifi.