SYDNEY, 17 April 2018 –LG Electronics Australia (LG) today unveiled its hotly anticipated, AI-capable*, 2018 TV lineup. Featuring its most advanced OLED, SUPER UHD and 4K UHD models yet, the range of TVs will be making their way into Australian retailers from mid-April.

The beginning of LG and Artificial Intelligence

The integration of LG’s proprietary AI technology – ThinQ™– into the 2018 LG TV range marks a step-change in the company’s commitment to making the viewing experience easier and more interactive. With AI functionality embedded in LG OLED, SUPER UHD and 4K UHD TVs, LG’s motion-activated Magic Remote has taken on yet another step up, with users being able to speak directly into the remote to make the most of convenient advanced voice assistant technology. In the back end, LG does this by employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver intelligent voice-activated control and connectivity based on its deep learning platform, Deep ThinQ®.

It’s not just simple commands that LG’s voice recognition picks up, LG AI ThinQ understands a broad spectrum of natural expressions, such as “volume up”, “raise up the volume”, “make the TV louder”, “sound is too quiet” - and more. LG Smart ThinQ works hand-in-hand with popular streaming apps and the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to deliver real-time information offering the content consumers want most.

“The general phenomenon of Artificial Intelligence – or AI– is beginning to permeate our lives. Ultimately every device will soon be listening; waiting to follow our commands and answer our questions. It’s the next level of robotics, but for the everyday items that we rely on the most that makes it one of the biggest technological and social changes we have seen in decades. What makes this even more exciting is that companies like LG are making AI a reality and we are seeing quantifiable changes in the way we can go about our lives; freeing up time and making things easier,” said UNSW Professor Toby Walsh, leading Australian researcher in Artificial Intelligence.

AI-enabled LG OLED TVs with exceptional processing power

LG OLED TVs have been in the Australian market since 2013. Over the course of five years, the company has continued to enhance its display technology and offer a variety of different designs and sizes. There are seven new AI ThinQ-enabled OLED TV models for the Australian market in 2018, including the W8, E8 and C8. Designs range from Picture-on-Wall (model 77/65W8), to Picture-on-Glass (model 65/55E8) and Cinema Screen design (model 77/65/55C8).

As a world-leader and pioneer in OLED display technology, you’d expect no less from LG than a major differentiator. This year, it’s a new processor –the α9 (Alpha 9) intelligent processor. The α9 processor reduces noise, transfers messages faster and creates colours on the screen that look more realistic. It also supports HFR video images with up to 120 frames per second for a smooth and more life-like video with reduced judder or blur.

Wide viewing angles and deeper blacks in LG AI-enabled SUPER UHD range

LG SUPER UHD TVs continue to bring the whole family together this year, allowing everyone in the household to have an excellent seat in front of the screen. LG makes this possible through Nano Cell technology with IPS, which helps deliver breathtakingly vivid colours at wide viewing angles. The line-up of SUPER UHD TVs in 2018 consists of eight models, including the SK95, SK85, SK80 and UK75 ranging from 49 to a massive 75-inches in size.

4K Cinema HDR is integrated in selected LG SUPER UHD models and OLED TVs in 2018. The technology  brings the best of what Hollywood technology has to offer into the home. 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ gives viewers an incredibly immersive home entertainment experience. Not only that, but Dolby Atmos®, which is newly integrated in selected 2018 SUPER UHD models, further enhances the home cinema experience via incredible atmospheric sound. 

To top things off, Full Array Dimming, found in LG’s 2018 SUPER UHD TVs (SK95 + SK85 series only) means deeper blacks which gets closer to replicating the picture quality achieved with LG OLED TVs. Full Array Dimming actively dims and brightens the backlight in these TVs to produce better contrast in videos on the screen.

 LG Australia commented:

“At the core of what we deliver at LG is helping make life and living the best it can be and that means passionately improving the day-to-day lives of Australians. 2018 is a massive year of innovation for us as we are integrating LG AI ThinQ technology into our TV range for the first time,” said Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia. “This marks a significant and exciting step-change in our journey to help make the TV viewing experience easier and more intelligent for all Australians.

“Globally and locally we work with some of the best in the business such as Netflix, Dolby, Meridian and Google to name a few, to bring their expertise and experience into our products. Based on these partnerships our focus is on continuing to offer Australians premium cinema viewing experiences in the comfort of their own homes.”


Netflix- recommended LG UHD 4K TVs


Last, but certainly not least, LG is introducing four UK65 UHD/4K AI ThinQ™ TVs in three sizes. Coming in larger sizes and packed with LG’s webOS Smart TV platform this year, all of these models are recommended by Netflix**. Netflix acknowledges that these models provide users with easy access to the content they know and love, with 4K picture quality to match. 

LG will continue to shape the premium TV market in 2018. In 2016 and 2017, Australian independent consumer group, CHOICE, awarded LG as ‘Best Brand’ in the television category.

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*Internet connection and subscriptions may be required to access certain content. Internet usage charges and conditions apply. Content, features and ThinQ™ services will vary from time to time without notice. Video resolution will vary based on internet speed. Check your content and internet provider for full details. Depending on language, voice clarity and available content or source material, voice commands may not always deliver or respond to the requested command.

** All 2028 LG UHD 4K TVs across OLED, SUPER UHD and UHD 4K are Netflix recommended.


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LG webOS 4.0 and Magic Remote – LG continues to deliver a seamless and easy to use TV viewing experience

In 2018 the LG Magic Remote will continue to control webOS Smart TV to easily access Stan, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video by simply clicking and scrolling. This year the voice recognition within the LG Magic Remote is a step up from 2017 as the remote activates voice recognition and controls LG AI ThinQ TV through one click of a button.


LG AI ThinQ Technology – Creating more intelligent viewing experiences at home

With NLP, if users speak naturally, the TV will understand intentions and the context of the questions. LG AI ThinQ can understand a diverse range of natural expressions like: “Volume up”, “Raise up the Volume”, “Make the TV louder”, “Sound is too quiet” and more. By connecting to a server, LG AI ThinQ can listen to natural language and constantly increase its understanding of new expressions.

LG AI ThinQ also marks a paradigm shift in terms of using instruction manuals. Users learning how to use their TVs, will not have to study instruction manuals anymore. Instead, the products will learn from the users to provide the best services.

Users will also have access to more intelligent content information, to search Electronic Programme Guide or casts, and even let the TV turn itself off when a program ends, without setting a specific time.

Through LG AI ThinQ TVs will eventually learn to connect and control all of the other smart home devices as well.

LG 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ – Integration of technologies that have been making an impact on Hollywood content.

2018 LG OLED and selected SUPER UHD TVs feature 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™, which promises a premium cinematic experience at home with all models supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10.

HDR10 is the current industry standard for High Dynamic Range in consumer televisions. This “open” format technology is the first generation, considered a starting point for High Dynamic Range. 

Dolby Vision™ is a premium, proprietary version of HDR. Dolby works directly with filmmakers at major Hollywood studios to create superior HDR video masters of blockbuster movies. All HDR masters contain something called metadata, information encoded into the signal that dictates the colour and brightness. Dolby Vision™ utilises dynamic metadata, which sets individual colour and brightness levels frame by frame. This results in a more accurate representation of how the image should look. 

Technicolor Expert Mode displays colours calibrated by Technicolor’s “colour scientists” behind many of Hollywood’s premium content. The picture mode can be enabled for both standard and HDR10 content, and can be activated by cycling the picture modes in the menu.

In addition, many LG OLED and SUPER UHD TVs in 2018 support Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Atmos technology creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience by isolating the relative location of each sound to generate rich and multi-dimensional audio.

LG OLED TVs – World leaders in the OLED TV market

Through the elimination of a backlight, each pixel in an LG OLED TV has the ability to turn on and off creating a perfect black screen and producing vivid, life-like images comprising of more than one billion colours. This creates contrast on the screen at its finest detail.

The LG W8 SIGNATURE AI ThinQ™ (Wallpaper) TV features an impossibly thin OLED display that sits on the wall on a magnetic bracket measuring at 4mm.  The LG OLED E8 AI ThinQ™ TVs feature Picture-on-Glass OLED displays.

These models help bring the visual effect to life through 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos and the new α9  (Alpha 9) processor, for a truly premium home entertainment experience.

For the fourth consecutive year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LG Electronics was awarded for the Official CES Best TV Product Award for the company’s OLED C8 AI ThinQ™ TV.

α9 (Alpha 9) Processor – LG differentiates in the OLED TV market with new processor

LG’s newest α9 (Alpha 9) intelligent processor in 2018 LG OLED TVs provides true-to-life images with incredibly rich colours, sharpness, and depth for more realism. A core innovation of the processor is the four-step process of noise reduction, which is twice as many steps as previous models. The algorithm allows for greater control to boost the clarity of images affected by distracting artifacts for more effective rendering of smooth gradations.

The α9 (Alpha 9)  processor also improves colour performance with advanced Look Up Table (LUT) mapping capabilities that bring colours closer to the original content. The processor is designed to support a high frame rate (HFR) producing smoother and clearer motion images at 120 frames per second. With such technology, 2018 LG OLED TVs can display content for a truly spectacular viewing experience.

LG SUPER UHD TVs– Wide viewing angles and improvement in deeper blacks

In combination with Nano Cell Technology and Full Array Dimming backlighting on selected models, LG AI-enabled SUPER UHD TVs offer advanced LED/ LCD picture quality with deeper blacks, enhanced image rendering, improved shadow details and accurate colours with wide viewing angles. To complement the upgraded viewing experience, selected SUPER UHD TVs also support Dolby Atmos for an immersive audiovisual experience.

Nano Cell Technology – vivid and eye catching colour even at wide viewing angles

Nano Cell technology with IPS was introduced in the LG SUPER UHD TVs in 2017. The technology employs one nanometer-sized particles that absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhance the purity of the red and green colours displayed on the screen to create purer and cleaner colours. The result is an enhanced picture with accurate colour reproduction.

The use of Nano Cell Technology in the LG IPS panel enables this broad spectrum of colour to be seen at wide viewing angles (even as far as 60-degress), so that there is no “best seat” in the house.

Full Array Dimming – deeper blacks created in LED/LCD panels

Full Array Dimming in selected 2018 LG SUPER UHD TV models provides backlight uniformly and evenly throughout the screen, ultimately improving the black level and contrast ratio to get closer to what OLED TVs can create. The benefit of Full Array Dimming is that bright parts of an image can be brighter while dark parts are darker, which results in better contrast and clarity.

LG UHD TVs – 4K Smart TV viewing experience

The LG UK65 UHD/4K AI ThinQ™ TV comes with webOS Smart TV for viewers to access and stream 4K shows on Netflix, Stan or Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra High Definition for a seamless and breathtaking viewing experience***.

Netflix has recommended the LG UK65 UHD range because it's designed for a better Netflix experience, which includes faster performance and easier app access.

***Streaming services provides content in SD, HD and 4K Ultra HD. Membership and minimum steady internet connection speeds required to stream 4K Ultra HD content, otherwise content will be downscaled to either HD or SD quality based on the available bandwidth. Please check with your internet service provider to confirm the bandwidth speed for your connection. Internet connection required, data usage and subscription charges may apply. Contents and features will vary from time to time without notice.