SYDNEY5th May, 2015 — LG Electronics Australia (LG) is bringing the latest and greatest of LG computer monitors to Australia and there are three in particular that deserve extra attention. The LG 21:9 curved ultra-wide QHD 34UC87M and the AMD FreeSync enabled gaming monitors the LG 21:9 UltraWide IPS  UM67 series designed for ‘Role Player Games’ and the LG 16:9 UltraHD 4K 27MU67 for ‘First Person Shooters’.


It is no secret that LG is an outstanding creator of screens, from TV to PC and monitors. LG’s range of monitors lives up to expectations, collecting a host of global awards both by experts and consumers and they continue to push the limits. LG has made multiple improvements to deliver a new range of monitors set to stun the Australian audience.




Whilst LG has produced a complete range of inspiring new monitors Curved (34UC87M), UltraWide Gaming (29UM67 and 34UM67) and 4K UHD (27MU67), all deserve special attention for what they deliver in terms of advanced technologies and improved user experience.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from these superb devices.


LG Curved (34UC87M)

  • • Stretching the limits: The 21:9 aspect ratio allows you huge amounts of space with which to work. The curved screen also allows for comfortable viewing.
  • • Four screens in one: This monitor will allow you to run multiple programs at the same time, a simple drag or double click and the window will nestle itself comfortably in one of the four areas.
  • • Multi display extravaganza:  If the 21:9 ratio and four-split screen isn’t quite enough there are a number of options with which to set-up multiple 34UC87M monitors together – 2x1, 2x2 and 2x3 are all options.


LG UltraWide Gaming (29UM67 / 34UM67)

  • • Complete immersion: the 21:9 aspect ratio will allow you to experience a distinctively wider field of view, which will help you stay one-step ahead of your gaming opponents
  • • Smooth riding: This monitor comes with AMD FreeSync software which will reduce screen tearing,  stuttering and cut down on input latency, all leading to a better gaming experience
  • • Gaming extravaganza: The UM67 series comes packed with our latest game-dedicated features including Black Stabiliser, AMD FreeSync and Dynamic Action Mode both of which give an edge to gamers where every split second counts.


LG 4K UHD (27MU67)

  • • Layers of clarity: The IPS Display in 4K UHD resolution delivers premium picture quality from a wide viewing angle allowing gamers to tap into an ultimate immersive gaming experience.
  • • An advanced viewing pleasure: With a 10-bit colour IPS display, true to life and natural colours are recreated providing stunning colour rendering accuracy for an advanced viewing pleasure.
  • • Gaming extravaganza: the 27MU67 also comes fitted with AMD FreeSync software, Black Stabiliser and Dynamic Action Mode.



Lambro Skropidis, General Manager of Marketing at LG Australia, said: “Our range of monitors has been a particular highlight in our product range in the past couple of years. Last year we saw some incredible new technologies in our monitors and when we thought we were at the peak, we’ve improved them yet again. LG really is setting the pace for the monitor market.” 



The 3 ranges will be available from June 2015 with the following RRP’s

-      • 34UC87M Curved monitor $1699

-      • 29UM67 UltraWide Gaming monitor $499

-      • 34UM67 UltraWide Gaming monitor $749

-      • 27MU67 4K UHD Gaming monitor $799




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