15 Place QuadWash® Dishwasher in Stainless Finish - Free Standing
  • TrueSteam™ - Turn the heat up on germs, bacteria and grime
  • QuadWash® - Clean from multiple angles
  • Auto Open Dry - Door opens for steam release
  • Inverter Direct Drive™ Motor - 10Yr Parts Warranty - quiet & efficient
  • ThinQ® - A new world of connectivity


15 Place QuadWash® Dishwasher in Stainless Finish - Free Standing
*80oC final rinse and E.coli, Listeria & Salmonella bacteria reduction tested using "Eco" cycle with High Temp and Steam options. Water spot reduction tested using "Eco" cycle with Steam option and using the inbuilt water softening system (dishwasher salts).
  • Four Washing Arms

    Four Washing Arms

    Four blades spin clockwise, while two oscillating spray nozzles deliver water to hard to reach nooks and crannies

  • Multi-Directional Rotation

    Multi-Directional Rotation

    The multi-directional rotating arms shoot water streams in various angles to reach corner to corner of the dishwasher.

Auto Open Dry

A helping hand with drying

Because no-one likes soggy dishes, LG dishwashers with Auto Open Dry ‘pop’ the door open a crack at the end of the wash cycle, to allow steam to escape the Dishwasher cavity and enhance drying performance. Now that’s smart!
A helping hand with drying1 A helping hand with drying2
Product pictured is for illustrative purposes only and may vary. Auto Open Dry is available on selected models and cycles
*Product pictured is for illustrative purposes only and may vary.
  • Foldable Tines

    Foldable Tines

    Folding tines create space to fit dishes large and small.

  • Easy Height Adjustment

    Easy Height Adjustment

    Adjust the height of the middle rack to three different levels to make space for taller items.

  • Height Adjustable Cutlery Rack

    Height Adjustable Cutlery Rack

    The upper rack allows additional space for cutlery and small utensils.

Turbo cycle

Turbo cycle

Select the Turbo Cycle to wash lightly soiled dishes in 59 minutes.
*Maximum load size is 10 place settings. Cycle is 'wash only'. Selecting 'Auto Open Door' feature extends the wash time.
Dual Zone Wash

Dual Zone Wash

Water spray intensity delivered to the upper and lower racks is varied to suit the items being washed in each rack.
  • Minimalist Exterior Design

    Minimalist Exterior Design

    The sleek and elegant exterior design to enhance the look of any kitchen.

  • Micro LED Display

    Micro LED Display

    The discreet display provides information when needed and while the dishwasher is not running it remains dimmed to maintain a sophisticated appearance.

*Product pictured is for illustrative purposes only and may vary.
*LG ThinQ® app available on Android or iOS smartphones. Compatible smartphone with Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean) or later or iOS 9 or later required for LG ThinQ® app. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration on the ThinQ® app required. Smart features may vary by country and model. Check with your *local retailer or LG for service availability. Features and services may be changed by LG without notice.

**Product pictured is for illustrative purposes only and may vary.
  • Download New Wash Cycles1

    Download New Wash Cycles

    With the LG ThinQ® app, you can download new wash cycles if you need a customised option such as 'Pots & Pans' or 'Night Care'.

  • Personalised Settings

    Personalised Settings

    Personalise your dishwasher cycles by using the ThinQ® app to select different cleaning options.

  • Machine Clean Reminder

    Machine Clean Reminder

    After every 30 cycles the app indicator on the ThinQ® app can let you know it's time to run the cleaning cycle.

  • Smart Diagnosis™

    Smart Diagnosis™

    Troubleshoot as the dishwasher can "talk for itself" to try find a solution to help save time & money on unnecessary call outs.

*2 years parts and labour warranty on the product and additional 8 years parts only warranty on the motor.

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