SYDNEY, Tuesday 20th  February 2018 – There are plenty of things in life that are more difficult than they need to be, but cleaning shouldn’t be one of them. Housework may often be time consuming, frustrating and feel like an endless chore so LG has introduced the new CordZero™ Handstick vacuum range to take some of the hassle out of cleaning the house.


Available  now through retailers, the LG CordZero™ Handstick vacuums provide cordless freedom easily to move from room to room and help users power through cleaning with the benefit of long run time batteries that are interchangeable and rechargeable.


“We know consumers are increasingly looking for portable lightweight vacuums to handle the variety of small clean up jobs that pop up around the house, like dirty footprints on the carpet or quick tidy ups before visitors arrive. The new CordZero™ Handstick can certainly cover these tasks with ease, but it can do much more than this. With the option of dual battery pack models with long run time and ergonomic design, the CordZero™ Handstick vacuums can also handle the thorough weekly vacuum of the whole house,” says Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Australia.


“At LG we create products that fit seamlessly into the home to make life easier for Australians, and the LG CordZero™ Handstick is no exception. With thoughtfully designed features that are user-focused, the LG CordZero™ Handstick includes technology that is sure to impress.”



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a vacuum.

We don’t tend to think too hard about the motors in our vacuums and how they go about creating the suction needed to clean and pick up dust and dirt around our homes. This is important to get right, particularly given the 2.5 million Australians suffering from asthma.1 The LG team have been hard at work creating their latest technology in vacuuming called AEROSCIENCE™. It delivers a Smart Inverter Motor™ that spins at ultra-fast speed, creating strong air flows inside the vacuum’s cyclone chambers. This generates powerful mini whirlwinds of air to help filter out dust particles. Plus, the Smart Inverter Motor™ utilises brushless technology for added durability and longer motor life, enabling LG to offer a 10 year parts warranty on the motor.


Conquering battery anxiety.

There’s nothing worse than losing battery power mid-way through doing anything, whether that’s watching a movie, making a phone call or even vacuuming. We all want to get our cleaning done in one go, and cordless vacuums can sometimes have frustratingly short battery life.


Luckily the LG CordZero™ Handstick range has three models that include a DUAL Power Pack . With two interchangeable and rechargeable batteries, these models offer up to an impressive 80 minutes of run time when using a non motorised head in the starting ‘normal’ mode2.


Sore arms aren’t always from the gym.

Most of us aren’t weightlifters so cleaning the house can feel like a workout with plenty of muscle burn. To help, the LG CordZero™ Handstick is designed to minimise muscle strain on the user’s arm and wrist. Plus, with a telescopic pipe that can be adjusted to four different positions so you can change the length to suit your individual needs.


Go where no one has gone before.

Cleaning around the house can sometimes lead to some interesting findings. Who knows what’s buried in the couch, hidden behind the fridge or stuck in our laptop keyboards. Thankfully LG has included a Combination Tool and Crevice Tool accessories as standard in all models. In addition, the ‘Bedding Power Punch’ accessory, available on selected models, offers a cleaning head for specific soft furnishing applications.4


Plus, for those with different floor surfaces in their home there are alternate Power Drive Nozzle™ cleaning heads to suit a variety of surfaces   so that consumers can choose the model that best suits their need. These have a direct drive motor inside the head that rotates the roller so it can effectively clean by lifting dust, dirt and even pet hair from carpets or hard floors.5


Collecting these small particles helps reduce dust and allergens in the home and the LG CordZero handstick has been certified by the British Allergy Foundation.


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Models & RRP’s

A9 Master 2X              - $999

A9 MULTI 2X               - $884

A9 PETNBED 2X           - $834

A9 Multi                      - $749

A9 PETNBED                - $699