SYDNEY, 29 AUGUST 2019 – LG Electronics Australia (LG) today announced the company’s first 8K TV model, the 75-inch LG NanoCell 8K (SM99), is now available in Australian retailers. The 8K model joins the company’s range of premium LG LED/LCD TVs, boasting LG NanoCell technology with spectacular colour purity and enhanced shades of black, advanced image processing and AI capabilities.


LG NanoCell™ technology delivers vivid eye-catching colour even at wide-viewing angles through an IPS display panel. The LG NanoCell 8K also features Cinema HDR, which means you can play HDR10, HLG, Advanced HDR by Technicolour and Dolby Vision™ HDR as well as Dolby Atmos® for a more realistic and immersive audio-visual experience. The advantage of this integration is found when utilising a premium 4K Netflix* account, where users can experience Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® content where available.


In addition, through Full Array Dimming Pro featured in the 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and select LG SUPER UHD TVs, bright parts of an HDR image are brighter while dark parts are darker, which results in increased contrast on the screen.


Apple AirPlay 2** and HomeKit integration on the 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and 4K SUPER UHD SM94 and SM86 models allows consumers to stream content from iPhone, iPad and Mac to their LG TV, including Dolby Vision titles. LG is the first global TV manufacturer to support HomeKit, which enables consumers to easily and securely control their smart home with the Home app or via Siri on their Apple devices.


The LG ThinQ™ AI*** ecosystem with built-in Google Assistant™ and Amazon Alexa®**** (available on the NanoCell 8K from October 2019) makes LG the only TV brand to talk directly to both leading AI platforms without the need for additional hardware. In turn, this offers flexibility to connect to other smart home devices and access information from a wide range of sources.


“The way in which Australians consume entertainment in the home is rapidly changing, led by the demand for cinematic experiences from the comfort of your own lounge room,” said Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia. “At LG, we seek to provide Australians with technology that takes advantage of content sources now and in the future, such as 8K gaming consoles expected in 2020.


“We have entered an exciting era with the launch of our first 8K TV with LG NanoCell technology and are thrilled to equip Australian homes with future-focused technology. We also look forward to providing Australians with the ultimate screen resolution of 8K and the ultimate TV technology of OLED TV very soon.”


Powering the 75-inch LG NanoCell 8K is the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and HDMI 2.1. The processor uses deep learning technology to optimise the viewing experience. Through the processor’s intelligent capabilities, it can identify the quality of the source material and apply 6- step upscaling to produce the best possible audio-visual experience. The advantage of the LG NanoCell 8K is that it also displays up-scaled and native 8K content consistently even in the darkest of scenes. *****


Furthermore, the LG NanoCell 8K is the only current 8K TV with four HDMI 2.1 specification ports that will allow reproduction of smooth and clear motion with 60 frames per second, as well as providing future sport and gaming enthusiasts with high-quality picture options.


The 2019 LG NanoCell 8K is available from select stores across the country for $11,849 (RRP).


The full premium LG LED/LCD range includes:



Model Code


































*Streaming services provides content in SD, HD and 4K Ultra HD. Membership and minimum steady internet connection speeds required to stream 4K Ultra HD content, otherwise content will be downscaled to either HD or SD quality based on the available bandwidth. Please check with your internet service provider to confirm the bandwidth speed for your connection. Internet connection required data usage and subscription charges may apply. Contents and features will vary from time to time without notice.

**Apple AirPlay 2® requires a Wi-Fi connection. Controlling devices and features requires compatible smart devices. Subscriptions may be required to access certain content. Some features and services may be changed without notice. Depending on language, voice clarity and available content or source material, voice commands may not always deliver or respond to the requested command. AirPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

***Internet connection and subscriptions may be required to access certain content. Internet usage charges and conditions apply. Content features and ThinQ™ AI services will vary from time to time without notice. Video resolution will vary based on internet speed. Check your content and internet provider for full details. Depending on language, voice clarity and available content or source material, voice commands may not always deliver or respond to the requested command.

****Google Assistant™ and Amazon Alexa® functionality require an internet connection as well as a Google or Amazon Account (as applicable). Controlling devices and features requires compatible smart devices. Subscriptions may be required to access certain content. Some features and services may be changed without notice. Depending on language, voice clarity and available content or source material, voice commands may not always deliver or respond to the requested command. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos and motions are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

*****3SD, HD, Full HD and 4K UHD content upscaled to near 8K (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) resolution. Native 8K content is currently not available in Australia.  Compatibility with future 8K Standards not guaranteed and may require the purchase of additional peripheral devices.


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Notes to Editors:




LG SUPER UHD TVs– Wide viewing angles and LG ThinQ AI technology

In combination with an IPS screen and NanoCell technology, LG AI-enabled NanoCell 8K and SUPER UHD TVs offer advanced LED/ LCD picture quality and accurate colours with wide viewing angles. Full Array Dimming and Full Array Dimming Pro backlighting on selected models delivers deeper blacks, enhanced image rendering and improved shadow details.

NanoCell Technology – Vivid and eye-catching colour even at wide viewing angles

NanoCell technology with IPS was introduced in LG SUPER UHD TVs in 2017. The technology employs nano meter-sized particles that absorb unwanted light wavelengths and enhances the purity of the red and green colours displayed on the screen to create purer and cleaner colours. The result is an enhanced picture with more accurate colour reproduction.

The use of NanoCell technology in the LG IPS panel enables this broad spectrum of colour to be seen at wide viewing angles (even as far as 60-degrees).

Full Array Dimming– Deeper blacks created in LED/LCD panels

Full Array or Full Array Dimming Pro* in the 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and selected LG SUPER UHD TV models actively dims the backlight on your TV, improving black levels for increased contrast and a more immersive experience. The benefit of Full Array Dimming is that bright parts of an HDR image can be brighter while dark parts are darker, which results in increased contrast and clarity.

*Full Array Dimming feature available on SM90 Super UHD model and Full Array Dimming Pro on the SM99 and SM94 SUPER UHD models.


LG 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™ – Integration of technologies that have been making an impact on Hollywood content in recent years

The 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and SUPER UHD feature 4K Cinema HDR with Dolby Vision™, which promises a premium cinematic experience at home with all models supporting Dolby Vision™ and HDR10.

Dolby Vision™ is a premium, proprietary version of HDR. Dolby works directly with film makers at major Hollywood studios to create superior HDR video masters of blockbuster movies. All HDR masters contain something called metadata, information encoded into the signal that dictates the colour and brightness. Dolby Vision™ utilises dynamic metadata, which sets individual colour and brightness levels frame by frame. This results in a more accurate representation of how the image should look. 

Dolby Vision™ HDR effectively re-masters your movie, scene by scene, adjusting it to achieve the cinematic vision of the director.

In addition, the 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and SUPER UHD TVs support Dolby Atmos sound. Dolby Atmos technology creates a powerfully moving entertainment experience by isolating the relative location of each sound to generate rich and multi-dimensional audio.

Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor and HDMI 2.1 – A smart vision and sound experience catered to the viewer

The LG Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor in the LG NanoCell 8K provides true-to-life images with incredibly rich colours, sharpness, and depth for more realism. A core innovation of the processor is the six-step process of noise reduction. The algorithm allows for greater clarity of images affected by distracting artefacts for more effective rendering of smooth gradations.

The AI Brightness Feature can adjust the HDR image tone mapping and brightness to account for the viewing environment as measured by the TV’s ambient light sensor.


HDR material is finely adjusted so that dark scenes have enhanced detail when viewed in a bright room.


The Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor also improves colour performance with advanced Look Up Table (LUT) mapping capabilities that bring colours closer to the original content.

The Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor also makes its processing power apparent with upgraded sound capabilities; optimisation based on what is being watched to make voices clearer in movies, dramas and news broadcasts, for example. An intelligent algorithm can boost the sound quality of stereo, using it to create virtual 5.1 surround sound. The TVs can intelligently optimise the sound settings for their positioning and feature Dolby Atmos, which delivers realistic, immersive soundscapes.


Through the inclusion of four HDMI 2.1 ports, the 2019 LG NanoCell 8K and SM90 and SM94 SUPER UHD TVs with LG ThinQ™ AI will support High Frame Rate (HFR). The result is smoother and clearer motion at 120 frames per second for improved rendering of fast-action content such as sports and gaming. This allows support for enhanced audio return channel (eARC) enabling home theatre enthusiasts to seamlessly utilise HDMI connectivity and enjoy quality audio formats with detail and depth.


An excellent option for gamers, selected LG2019 TVs are compatible with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) as well as Automatic Low Latency mode (ALLM) which helps deliver a clean image, with minimal tearing.


Alpha7 Gen 2 – Intelligent processor that enhances the visual experience

NanoCell technology results in incredibly vibrant colours and dramatically improved blacks. All of this is super-charged by the new Quad-core Alpha 7 Gen2 Intelligent Processor, on the SM86 and SM81 LG SUPER UHD models.

Magic Remote– LG continues to deliver a seamless and easy to use TV viewing experience

The 2019 LG Magic Remote controls webOS Smart TV to easily access Stan, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video by simply clicking and scrolling. Voice recognition is activated through the microphone button to control LG ThinQAI, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa through a dedicated key.


LG ThinQ™ AI Technology – Creating more intelligent viewing experiences at home with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), if users speak naturally, the TV can understand intentions and the context of the questions. LG ThinQ™ AI can understand a diverse range of natural expressions like: “Volume up”, “Raise up the Volume”, “Make the TV louder”, “Sound is too quiet” and more. LG ThinQ™ AI listens to natural language and increases its understanding of new expressions.

LG ThinQ™ AI also marks a paradigm shift in terms of using instruction manuals. Users learning how to use their TVs will not have to resort to an instruction manual. Instead, the user can access the built-in user guide using their voice. With LG’s proprietary ThinQ™ AI users can immediately detect media, gaming and audio devices. Users can switch picture mode (“Change to Cinema Mode”) or turn the TV off at set times.

To sum up, the TVs deliver an intuitive AI experience that uses natural language commands to control TV functions and settings and seamlessly find and play content.

Furthermore, LG ThinQAI TVs combined with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (available on LG NanoCell 8K in October 2019) brings new levels of convenience and control to the user. With these two platforms built-in, daily tasks and information can seamlessly be accessed and users can control compatible smart home devices including lighting, appliances and much more.

LG ThinQ®AI TVs can perform hundreds of voice commands as a result.

Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integration - Play content directly from iPhone, iPad or Mac, and effortlessly and securely control your TV right from your Apple devices

2019 LG SUPER UHD TVs with ThinQ AI capability received a global firmware update in July 2019 to support Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.  The 2019 LG NanoCell 8K will also support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.


With AirPlay 2, LG 2019 ThinQ AI TV owners can effortlessly stream content including Dolby Vision titles from iPhone, iPad and Mac to their TV sets. Users can stream their favourite movies and television shows from the Apple TV app and other video apps as well as view photos directly on their LG AI TVs. Users can also play Apple Podcasts, Apple Music and music from their library or other streaming services through their LG AI TV and other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers in their home at the same time – all in sync. 
LG is the first global TV manufacturer to support HomeKit, which enables users to easily and securely control their smart home with the Home app or via Siri on their Apple devices. 2019 LG AI TV users can control TV functions such as power, volume and source, as well as add the TV to scenes or automations along with other HomeKit accessories.