SYDNEY, XX April 2016 — LG Electronics Australia (LG) has  announced its latest innovation in convenient French four door fridge configuration, allowing generous fridge space perfect for your big pots and wide platters when you have BBQ parties and lots of fresh groceries. . Combined with  elegant style the release of the all new large capacity 906L LG Door-in-Door TM French Door Refrigerator (GP-5D906BSL) combines functional design and clever technology with Triple Filtration Ice and Water Dispenser ideal for the modern kitchen. Packing a world-first triple-filtered ice and water function for refreshing filtered water all year round, the refrigerator also comes in a knockout Diamond Black Stainless Steel finish that is fingerprint-resistant, making it a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen.  Also featured is a new function called Measured Fill, which lets  users  pour 1 of 7 pre-programmed amounts* of water without using a measuring jug.


Brad Reed, Home Appliance Marketing Manager at LG Australia said: “Each year, Australians spend hundreds of millions of dollars on bottled water and although plastic bottles are recyclable, many end up in landfill. Our new 3-Tier filtration function reduces the need for people to buy filtered water pre-packaged and encourages them to bottle freshly filtered water at home instead. As a health conscious and environmentally aware nation we predict that the triple filtration water and ice system will be a very appealing feature of this new refrigerator.”


Triple Filtration with Measured Fill


Users have the convenience of being able to access chilled water and ice straight from the door at any time, in measured volumes with the Triple Filtration Ice and Water Dispenser. The filtration system has been specifically designed to reduce residual chlorine and many contaminants found in tap water. This will appeal to those concerned about the quality of their drinking water, particularly in areas of Australia where water quality can be affected by limitations in supply due to rainfall variations, salinity concerns and heavy chlorination.


How does the Triple Filtration System work?


As its name might suggest, the Triple Filtration system has three filters. The first is a pre-carbon filter that removes chlorine and heavy metals. The second is a UF filter that removes particles and bacteria greater than 0.1µm, and the third defence is a post-carbon filter that removes organic chemicals.


What is Measured Fill?

Users can select one of 7 volumes, ranging from 100 through to 1500ml. Once selected, a simple press of a button is all that is required for accurate measures every time. The Measured Fill feature also comes with a continuous pour function when the amount needed is unknown.


Premium Diamond Black Stainless Steel Design

Designed to enhance the look and style of the kitchen, the new LG Door-in-DoorTM refrigerator features a Diamond Black Stainless Steel finish that will compliment a variety of sophisticated modern design colour tones found in today’s kitchens. And as if this were not enough, the surface of the refrigerator is also fingerprint resistant, thus minimising the need to repeatedly clean pesky marks from the doors and helping ensure your kitchen always looks its best.


“We know with standard stainless steel that it can be tricky to avoid the perils of fingerprints and bothersome marks – especially in a house full of children. The Premium Diamond Black Stainless Steel surface with fingerprint resistant finish helps eliminate the need to continually them off, whilst the door–in-door system provides the tried-and-tested usability of the double layered door that helps reduce cold air loss,” said Reed.

LG Door-in -Door TM

Thoughtfully designed the LG Door-in-DoorTM French Door refrigerator not only provides hassle-free access to your favourite food items without having to search every corner of your refrigerator. It also helps to keep your food  fresh by minimising cold-air loss by up to 41% versus opening the full door and exposing the entire fridge cavity.**.


Other Notable LG Specifications:


Slim In-Door Ice Maker


The innovative LG Slim In-Door Ice Maker system is built into the refrigerator door, thus providing more fridge space in the door. This clever design allows users the convenience and advantage of being able to use wide open shelf spaces for your wide platters and big pots, not achievable in refrigerators with Ice Maker systems built within the refrigerator itself.


Inverter Linear Compressor with 10 Year Parts Warranty***


The Compressor is the 'heart' of your refrigerator and with such a vital component in your refrigerator we back it with a  confidence boosting 10 year parts warranty. The LG Inverter Linear Compressor offers greater control of temperature with less vibration and less noise than a conventional compressor system as there is less friction points. This makes the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quieter and more durable than a conventional LG Conventional Compressor.


Pure N Fresh


Minimise those nasty fridge odours with this unique air purification system. A fan assisted carbon deodoriser that actively forces a pleasant scent through the deodoriser and sends it back across three different shelving levels via the Fresh Shower ducting.


Smart Diagnosis


Ever wanted to explain at an instant to customer service there is something wrong with your appliance but could never quite explain the reason. LG have developed an app called ‘Smart Diagnosis’, a fast and easy way to correct concerns with your appliance. Troubleshoot issues with your refrigerator without having to wait for an engineer to visit by providing a quick snapshot as to the issue with your appliance. After downloading the LG Smart Diagnosis App****, users can activate a feature on the fridge that emits a sound effect which is assessed and diagnosed by the App. LG Customer Service can then be contacted and provided with the on screen details to offer an appropriate solution.


The 906L  LG Door-in-DoorTM  French Door Refrigerator with Triple Filtration and Measured Fill (GP-5D906BSL) is available from selected Harvey Norman and Domain stores for RRP $6,699.


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*7 pre-programmed amounts: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 1500ml.

** Comparable model to GP-5D906BSL tested with same LG Door-in-Door design. Based on internal test methods measuring % reduction in cold air loss when opening the Door-in-Door compared to the full door when it is opened for 10 seconds.

*** 2 Years parts and labour + 3 years on sealed refrigeration's system (compressor, evaporator, dryer and tubing) parts only + 5 years on compressor (part only)

**** Smartphone app - Android 2.2+ Apple iOS 4.0+ is required



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