Central controller

LG Central Controller provides convenient management for the multiple HVAC products in a building. It can set the temperature of each room, monitor energy consumption, and send alerts in real-time.

Central controller

Integrated control solution for optimized building management

LG Intuitive Interface Air Solution

User friendly interface

Building control can be simply monitored with flexible interface and easily managed with actual floor plan on the screen. Intuitive interface helps users to conveniently manage the building energy usage.

LG Saving Energy with Energy Navigation Air Solution

Saving energy with energy navigation

Historic data of building energy control system can be accessed periodically so that users can monitor and set the consumption target to realize the optimum energy management.

LG Diagnostic System Monitoring Air Solution

Diagnostic system monitoring

Report including control status and other information is provided via e-mail so that system can be monitored properly even when error occurs. Red alert takes up the whole display upon any urgency situation and all other control signals are blocked to prevent any possible accident.

LG Flexible Expandability with Interlocking Air Solution

Easy expandability

Integrated management of LG HVAC Control Solution links operations of LG air conditioners with external systems for expanded coverage. As the BMS system is embedded in the controller, the solution is directly connected to the system without the need for an additional BMS gateway to enable communication with the BMS protocol, BACnet IP and Modbus TCP.

LG Flexible Expandability with Interlocking Air Solution

Flexible expandability with interlocking

The expandable control system can be interlocked with 3rd party devices such as sensors and facilities of building, as well as air conditioners. It makes building management smart by setting up logic optimized for the site.

Easily check the air quality of the entire building

AC Smart 5 can manage air quality of up to 128 indoor units. In addition to turning on the air purifying mode, you can monitor the air quality in real-time and view the recorded air condition.


Easily Check the Air Quality of the Entire Building

Maximized accessibility for each user

As an advanced central controller, AC Manager 5 offers flexible interface for each user by assessing the device screen and automatically customizing the layout to provide the most optimized interface.

Central controller line up

AC manager 5


● Model : PACM5A000
● 270 x 155 x 65 (mm)
● Up to 8,192 units via max. 32 ACP and AC Smart
can be integrated as one management system
● Web access control based on HTML5
(PC, Tablet, Smartphone access)
● Icon / Floor map view
● Yearly Schedule
● Energy Management
● Device Interlock
● Email Notification



●Model: PACP5B000
●270 x 155 x 65 (mm)
●Up to 256 units (IDU, ERV, Hydro Kit, AHU kit, Commercial Air Purifier)
●Web access control based on HTML5(PC, Tablet, Smartphone access)
●Air Purify Control, Air Quality Level Display
●BMS Integration(BACnet IP/Modbus TCP)
●Energy Management
●Device Interlock
●3rd Party device Control(with ACS IO Module)
●Email Notification
●Multi level group

AC smart 5


● Model: PACS5A000
● 253.2 x 167.7 x 27 (mm)
● 10.2 inch WSVGA TFT LCD Touch Screen (1024*600)
● Up to 128 Units (IDU, ERV, Hydro Kit, AHU Kit, Commercial Air      Purifier)
● BMS Integration (BACnet IP and Modbus TCP)
● Multi level group composition
● Icon / Floor map view
● Yearly Schedule
● Energy Management
● Device Interlock
● Email Notification
● Web access supported
● Support IPv6
●Air Purify Control, Air Quality Level Display

AC ez touch


● Model : PACEZA000
● 137 x 121 x 25 (mm)
● 5 inch Touch Screen Controller
● Up to 64 units (IDU, ERV, Hydro kit)
● 1 DI Port for Emergency stop
● Yearly Schedule
● Alarm Indicator
● Energy Management
● PC Access

LG Contact Us Air Solution

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