Government sector

The working environments of businesses are quickly transforming into highly mobile platforms and the new work culture has become an endless network connected by vast amount of digital data and information. Even government agencies use and share real-time visual content constantly to stay connected in the form of virtual meetings, webinars, live conferences and so on.
LG Electronics, with its exceptional visual experiences and display solutions can become a catalyst of seamlessly sharing vital communications internally or with the external audience.

Why LG information display

LG Digital Signage Solutions provide highly efficient content communication platforms that can seamlessly connect the government and its people with its exceptional display quality, flexible design, reliability and productivity.


Conference / Meeting room

Important meetings and vital presentations become more efficient and productive with LG display solutions. Versatile collaboration functions allow seamless multi-tasking, immersive interaction and connectivity in any form of meeting room environments.

LG Information Display RELIGIOUS PLACES

Religious places

With the prevalence of digital display solutions, even religious places are embracing the technology to improve communication with congregations. LG’s unmatched visual quality and clear viewing angles can easily engage a wider community or encourage a mass participation by broadcasting relevant information and content. Slim and sleek Ultra Stretch displays help installation possible in virtually any place imaginable.

Meeting/Presentation Room

Public auditorium

With remarkable display quality and wider viewing angle, LG LED displays promote easy setup, connectivity and collaboration in public auditoriums. Larger-than-life format LED screens encourage crystal clear visibility and better understanding of content for the viewers.


Specialized units at hospitals

Facilitating proper safety measures, LG digital display solutions has proved itself indispensable during the current times by communicating security and preventive measures, important health and safety content in real-time to help keep frontline officials as well as the public, well-informed and updated.


Virtual doctor session room at hospitals

LG digital display solutions are very helpful in providing the right medical care at the right place and at the right time. It’s highly immersive screens make virtual doctor visits, remote patient monitoring, etc. very effective and hassle-free.


Traffic / Police control room

The narrow bezel and wide angle of LG Video Wall ensures the most efficient monitoring and surveillance with vivid visual clarity from any angle virtually.

Virtual Education In Institutions1

Virtual education in institutions

LG’s multi-touch interactive screens play a very important role when it comes to online learning in the new normal remote schools, colleges and universities. With fastest response time and clear picture quality, writing, editing and sharing content becomes way faster and accurately in real-time. Faculty members can also share their ideas and experiences in real-time to improve the overall quality of education.

Mobile War Room 1

Mobile war room

LG digital displays with its unmatched display quality and viewing angle has become the most optimal solution that suits different operational needs such as maintaining law and order, emergency/disaster management, surveillance as well as tactical strategy operations in a variety of extreme environments.

Meeting/Presentation Room

Virtual conference rooms

Digital displays are today’s most important communication tool when it comes to public safety and security. From displaying real-time information, daily schedules, to having exclusive video conferences and remote meetings, LG digital displays has become an all-rounder with its remarkable display quality, wide viewing angle, easy connectivity and collaboration while making important public safety decisions.