Your home looks stylish and super spacious with LG MULTI i. Home a single slim and compact outdoor unit connecting with up to three indoor units.


With multiple outdoor units it occupies more space, your balcony space looks cluttered and aesthetics get compromised.

With a single outdoor unit, your home looks spacious and elegant with better aesthetics.

Energy Cost Saving

Benefit of Inverter Compressor

Inverter Compressor can maximize energy efficiency by adjusting the speed as per required load.

Annual Power Consumption Comparison*

Home air conditioner has better energy saving as compared to 3/5 star single Split air conditioner.
- Power consumption of Home with 1 IDU operation is 45% less than single split air conditioner 1 set. (Maximum 31% energy saving)
- Power consumption of Home with 3 IDUs operation is 24% less than single split air conditioner 3 set. (Maximum 19% energy saving)

High Reliability

LG MULTI i. Home comes with a BLDC Inverter Twin Rotary Compressor that gives high energy efficiency and superior reliability. The Black Fin heat exchanger is designed to perform even better in corrosive environments.

Dual Inverter Compressor*

The Dual Inverter Compressor has a structure optimized for stability, so it can be operated with low vibration and low noise.

Corrosion Resistance Black Fin

The black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied for strong protection from various corrosiveexternal conditions such as salt contamination and air pollution including fumes.


Take supreme control over your comfort and convenience with LG ThinQ. Enjoy super silent and comfortable cooling all around your home.

Wi Fi enabled indoor unit with ThinQTM for superior comfort.

Wi Fi enabled indoor unit can be controlled with ThinQ App using smart internet devices like smartphones & smart speakers.

Enhanced luxurious comfort with Silent Operation

Enjoy free from noise environment at any time with low noise operation function. At night mode, noise is reduced by maximum 22% compared to normal mode with healthy airflow. Time setting is available with wired remote (PREMTB100) only

Convenience to choose combination of indoor units

Choose a combination that suits your interior with wall mount and 1 way cassette.

Discover The Exceptional Indoor Range



Line up



Wall Mounted

LG Wall Mount unit is a powerful cooling solution that can be installed quickly and easily, providing optimized comfort to your loved spaces.

Healthy Air

HD Filter
LG DUAL Inverter Air Conditioner now comes with an ‘Anti-Virus’ protection layer fitted HD Filter. The filter mesh is coated with Cationic Silver Ions (AgNPs) that deactivates more than 99% Virus# and Bacteria* in contact. To be precise, it demobilizes up to 99.76% Virus# and up to 99.99% Bacteria* cleansing.

In the present day world, health and safety of you and your dear ones happen to be our foremost concern. That’s why we never let you leave any space in your home unattended, with the revolutionary PlasmasterTM Ionizer++. It removes up to 99.9% of adhering bacteria and deodorizes the indoor space, thus keeping your home free from bacteria, germs and any form of bad odor.

How it works?
PlasmasterTM Ionizer++ reduces harmful microscopic particles by infusing the air passing through the air conditioner with over 8 milions ions.

Sterilization Performance Evaluations

  • Ionizer has been proven to remove over 99.9% of Adhering Bacteria within 60 minutes.
  • Remove Escherichia Coli, over 99.9% in 20 min.
  • Remove Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, over 99.9% in 20 min.
  • Remove Staphylococcus Aureus, over 99.9% in 60 min.

Test Verification Report

TUV Rheinland, Verification Certifying Antibacterial Function of PlasmasterTM Ionizer++


Have the coolest blast with LG Air Conditioner’s powerful air flow that allows you to feel the cool air from up to 15 meters* away. Now cooling larger spaces is faster and easier with larger skew fans and wider outlets.

How it works?
Bigger Skew Fan
25% larger skew fan expels more powerful blast of cool air up to 15 meters. Wider Outlet
Optimally designed wider outlet fills spaces with cooler air faster and further.


Concentrating on your studies or even getting a well-deserved good night sleep comes naturally with LG DUALCOOL’s super silent functioning while delivering the most comfortable cooling.

  • ● Increased concentration
  • ● Sound and comfortable sleep
  • ● Less vibration, less stress

How it works?

  • ● Indoor Noise Reduction
  • ● Outdoor Compressor Noise Reduction

1 Way Cassette

1 Way Cassette with its elegant design fits perfectly into any interior, making it the best choice for your loved spaces.

Slim & Compact

Slim indoor unit provides flexibility of installation in the narrow ceiling space.

Automatic 4 Way Wind

The wind is discharged evenly up, down, left and right automatically, so there is no cooling blind spot.

PlasmasterTM Ionizer** reduces harmful microscopic particles by infusing the air passing through
the air conditioner with over 8 milions ions.

*The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product.