Retail & QSR1

Retail & QSR

Digital signage enhances in-store experience for both consumers and retail owners. LG’s digital signage solution offers superior display with high picture quality, wide design flexibility and easy-to-use software, which lowers TCO and provides distinct experiences to customers.

Why LG information display

Retail and QSR markets widely range from small convenience stores to large shopping malls. They are linked with a variety of stakeholders including consumers, store owners and system integrators. It is very important to provide various displays and professional solutions that suit for different spaces and customer needs. LG helps partners increase the revenue by delivering these solutions.

LG ensures superior display quality with high color reproduction, wide-viewing angle, and outstanding brightness. Also its flexible mounting options and slim design help you to install the display anywhere you need to catch customers’ attention.

Large Shopping Malls1

Large shopping malls

For branding, it is important to make the space aesthetically unique. LG LED and OLED signage have excellent picture quality and can be flexibly harmonized with the space design. They brighten the space and maximize the advertising effect.

High-fashion Stores1

Luxury brand stores

High-fashion stores

Luxury brands must stand out even from the store's exterior. LG LED Signage’s outstanding picture quality and bezel-less advertising content with an immersive view can catch the eyes of customers. Its transparent OLED screens add high-quality values to space while various UHD signage boosts the advertisement with lifelike color reproduction.

QSR, Drive Thru, Convenience Shop etc.1

QSR, drive thru, convenience shop etc.

The digital signage in QSR and convenience stores is playing a more critical role as customers' needs for easy, quick and non-contact purchasing methods increase. Especially, the drive-thru systems with high luminance displays and smart platforms are essential. It ensures more convenient service by voice recognition and mobile app solution.

Pharmacies, Travel Agencies, Telecom Stores1

Pharmacies, travel agencies, telecom stores

Displays should have high visibility and have real-time content management features. LG webOS signage applies SuperSign CMS to offer easy advertising content management with its simple and intuitive menus.

Real Estate Offices1

Real estate offices

To meet customer demands and offer a wide variety of properties at a glance, large sized displays should be installed. LG display enables customers to check details of local properties easily and quickly with its large screens and interactive features.

General Apparel Store1

General apparel store

Video walls with high definition and thin bezels can present a variety of advertisement images with immersion, while signage of various sizes can help increase sales by offering customized promotions in real time through BLE and NFC.

Control Room1

Control room

As retail business owners can’t get prompt solution to the technical issues during business hours, it can result in negative impact on revenues. Signage365Care provides remote monitoring of signage displays with real-time fault diagnosis so employees can stay focused on attending to customers.

Any inquiries about product for Retail & QSR Industry?1

Any inquiries about product for retail & QSR industry?