LG Digital Signage maximizes two-way communication through touch screen and allows you to add interactivity to standard signage.

Why LG information display

With LG Digital Signage, learning environment becomes much more engaging for students.

LG Digital Signage can be installed in various places including school entrances, classrooms and libraries for teacher and student engagement in classes and effective delivery of teaching materials.


Active learning space


Students can easily share materials for discussion and assignments in the classroom. In addition the professional displays show customized materials to each student for high quality learning experience. (Presentation, Small group work, or student-led demonstrations)


Research space


Students can safely focus on experiments at their seats as they can see the experiment procedures clearly on screen with high picture quality also they are able to present experiments result to other students & teachers easily and simply.

Faculty Member Space

Faculty member space

Faculty members are able to share ideas and teaching experiences to improve class materials in terms of education quality enhancement with interactive display for active discussion and displays optimized for video conference.

Large Size Classroom


Large size classroom

LG professional display encourages attendees to participate during social forums at schools. Clear information is easily seen on large screens and improves attendee's understanding of contents.


Group study space


Students can find lots of information easier and faster such as empty seats and locating books with self information search device. And there is room for effective collaboration tools to work together for group work, brain spin, and ideas.

In Between Space

Out of classroom for collaboration study

In between space

Space that students are able to utilize for group study, collaboration casually , freely, conveniently. LG professional display can help schools create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments.

Any inquiries about product for Education Industry?1

Any inquiries about product for education industry?