Hot water solution (hydro kit)

LG Hydro Kit provides floor heating & hot water supply for a warm indoor environment that will have you feeling extra comfortable. It also allows a highly efficient energy solution when used with MULTI V.

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Hydro kit

Providing floor heating & hot water supply for warm indoor environment.

Hot Water Solution with MULTI V

Hot water solution with MULTI V

Cooling and heating operations, as well as hot water supply are available with the combination of MULTI V and Hydro Kit solutions.

Saving Costs with Highly Energy Efficient Solution

Saving costs with highly energy efficient solution

Hydro Kit reduces CO₂ emissions with its highly efficient solution. It is also possible to install equivalent levels of capital costs as a boiler system while minimizing energy bills due to lower operation costs.

Energy saving through MULTI V heat recovery system

Energy costs can be minimized by reusing the wasted heat from indoor units.

Hydro Kit is an Applicable Solution for

Hydro kit is an applicable solution for

Hydro Kit Line Up

Hydro kit line up

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