Indoor LED signage

Packed with great features, LG's Smart LED Indoor Signage will maximise the effectiveness of advertising in a wide variety of interior business areas. Learn more below.



True Innovation behind New Depths

Optimum Cable-less LED


With unrivaled picture quality and optimum cable-less design, expand the possibilities of business space itself.

Real Curve Series1

Real curve series

Boasting detailed color and super contrast, LG’s Real Curve Series bring content to life through freedom of design.

All-in-one Series1

All-in-One Series

LG's All-in-one LED series consists of 136 (345.44cm) and 130 (330.2cm) large screens which are offered as an all-in-one package including an embedded controller. Get more focused and deeply engaged with the bezel-less immersive screens.

LED Cinema

The infinite contrast and excellent brightness created by LG LED Cinema bring fine details to the screen, providing viewers an amazing sense of immersion.

LED Cinema

Versatile Series1

Versatile Series

The Versatile Series can be easily installed in various indoor venues as a rental solution. It facilitates simple maintenance by requiring no additional tools for replacing LED modules or power/data units. A 90° corner option is provided for seamless right-angled installation.

Ultra Slim Series

Ultra Slim Series

Ultra Slim Series fits naturally into the space and delivers smooth & flawless content to customers with ultra slim depth which is the biggest advantage of the product.

LG Color Transparent LED Film LED Signage

Color transparent LED film

LG Color Transparent LED Film is a new level of renovation with see-through view. Its superb transparency endows the glass surface or window to which it is attached with a mystical beauty full of vivid color.

LG LG C-Display+ Customer App LED Signage

LG C-Display+ customer app

Find the latest production information along with reference case, OLED/LED/Video Wall configurator, manual and sales contact information.