Work environment in businesses is gradually evolving with the rise of mobility and a new work culture characterized by connectivity and ever increasing digital data. With these changes, employees nowadays share and use visual data for discussions and meetings and they can also communicate and work remotely when necessary.

Why LG information display

LG Digital Signage Solution provides a high-performing workplace as a content communication platform which bridges management, employees and consumers with its exceptional display quality, flexible design as well as reliability.

Companies can rely on LG Digital Signage for superior display quality, flexible design, easy-to-use features and have competitive total cost ownership(TCO) as a total solution from installation, customization, use and maintenance. Vivid screens, reliability and easy use enhance work environment and make remote work effortless. Company members can write, create, edit and share data conveniently with the help of our products.



The unique display leaves symbolic image of the company, make visitors feel welcome and effectively deliver information.

Meeting/Presentation Room

Meeting/Presentation room

Meetings and presentations become more efficient and more productive with LG display. Versatile collaboration functions allows for seamless multi-tasking, powerful productivity and more, to keep the performance at its best.

Web Conference Room

Web conference room

LG information display is suitable for web conferencing for people in different locations. Remarkable display quality, wide viewing angle and easy set up and connection enhance communication and collaboration.

Interactive Space

Interactive space

Fast response time makes writing, editing and sharing materials on screen faster, helping you exchange opinions in real time.

Control/Command Center

Control/Command center

The narrow bezel and wide angle helps large audience monitor the screen with vivid picture quality from multiple standpoint.

Open Flexible Space

Open flexible space

The sleek design complements its surroundings and delivers company news effectively.

Any inquiries about product for Corporate Industry?1

Any inquiries about product for corporate industry?