LG Electronics provides exceptional visual experiences for passengers while enhancing management effectiveness. LG’s exclusive Digital Signage is your optimal solution for the highest picture quality and flexible format. We work to exceed your expectations.

Why LG information display

LG Electronics provides digital signage solutions for public transportation to enhance the experience for both the users and the transportation service providers. LG Electronics is constantly looking ahead, challenging its employees to come up with more innovative, more exciting solutions to improve consumers’ lives.

LG Electronics can provide screens from 500 to 3,000cd/m² brightness, empowered by its unique in-plane switching (IPS) panel technology, which enables 24/7 operation. Thanks to IPS technology, LG’s displays execute accurate hue and brightness regardless of the viewer’s angle, ensuring travelers can see information from any part of a long queue to timely prepare next procedures like check-in, customs clearance. Also, with LG's product reliability, global partnerships, and global service network, you could not only efficiently control/manage the displays and its information in a timely manner, but also engage with passengers by displaying attention-grabbing videos and images for commercial purposes.

Information Gathering Area

Departures, Boarding gates, etc.

Information gathering area

Visual displays bring efficiency and predictability to transportation service providers and passengers. Clear visibility and viewing angles are crucial for displaying information such as flight data and directions under any environmental conditions.

Queue Area1

Ticketing counter, Immigration inspection, etc.

Queue area

The less enjoyable moments in airports, platforms, stations are during long waits. LG’s near-seamless video wall, Ultra stretch for wayfinding, UHD screens enhance queuing experience with its various display formats and immersive images.

High Traffic Pass-Thru area

Transfer areas, Passageways, etc.

High traffic pass-thru area

Transferring can be problematic with passengers shuffling through busy areas. LG Digital Signage offers a fitting solution for any long passageways. LG's touch signage guides passengers in more interactive ways with convenience, and slim & sleek Ultra Stretch displays with UHD quality can be installed on ceilings to provide exact information.

Retail Space

Duty-free shops, Cafeterias

Retail space

Immersive screens attract customers to the commercial area with clear and vivid picture quality. LG Electronics provides diverse form factors such as OLED, LED, Ultra Stretch with outstanding product quality and delivers information effectively.

Open Space

Departure/Arrival central hall, Lounge, Resting area

Open space

LG Electronics adds color to the transportation areas and offers a wealth of information and entertainment. State-of-the-art displays with excellent color clarity brighten up the atmosphere, satisfying both the visitors and transportation service providers.



LG’s digital signage with high product reliability can be seen when boarding a train, subway, and aircraft.


Bus shelter, Railway/Subway station


LG’s digital signage is also suitable for outdoor or semi-outdoor environments. High Brightness Signage can be installed in harsh weather conditions with robust product reliability and the IPS screen provides consistently clear images. Also, it delivers exact real-time information on estimated departure/arrival time by easier content management.

Any inquiries about product for Transportation Industry?1

Any inquiries about product for transportation industry?