High brightness

High brightness displays play a key role in many industries, QSR and retail. It offers excellent visibility under direct/semi-sunlight conditions and LG IPS panel technology provides a wide-viewing angle to view ads from any angle, and the displays based on the webOS platform can maximize practicality through integration with various solutions.

High Brightness

Window Facing Display

Window facing display

LG window facing displays are installed inside stores or semi-outdoor spaces to deliver ads well, even in a sunny environment. Deliver your ads to customers beyond the show window with high visibility using LG IPS panel’s unique wide-viewing angle.

IP-rated Outdoor Display

IP-rated outdoor display

Boasting a high brightness of more than 3,000 nits, LG’s outdoor display, even under direct sunlight, captures the eyes of passersby. Carefully designed to withstand a wide range of changes in environment, the display will stably deliver eye-catching content for as long as it’s needed.

Open-frame Display

Open-frame display

LG offers Open-frame type high brightness displays to give customers flexibility in responding to needs across a wide range of industries in terms of design, installation type etc.

Digital Connect

LG digital connect virtual tour - QSR drive-thru

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