Discover LG’s OLED technology with slim, light and future display. OLED technology provides intense colour and stunning contrast. Read more about LG OLED technology below.



Discover LG’s OLED technology of slim, light and future display. From intense color and stunning contrast to the innovative design, our OLED technology from LG is sure to exceed your expectations for TV.


Structure of OLED panel

OLED does not require the backlight unit nor the liquid crystal layer.

The self –emissive OLED display

· No Back Light Unit : Light leakage free
· No Liquid Crystal Layer : Wide viewing angle, Faster response time
· Simple Structure : Less components, Slim / sleek design

Consumer research

The result of the consumer survey in terms of picture quality & design in China/U.S./Germany shows that OLED is superior to LCD.
※ Source: Consumer Survey , upper 30 income, 55” and over $1500 TV Purchased/purchase intended (TNS, ‘14.12~’15.01)
※ Total Preference (Avg. of China, U.S., Germany), Brand / Price information not revealed

The next display, OLED display

OLED is a new display technology that overcomes the limits of the current displays in terms of picture quality and design.

5 superiorities of OLED display

Perfect black

Pure black with self-lightning pixels

Perfect color

Accurate & stable color reproduction

Perfect viewing screen

No color distortion from any viewing angle

Perfectly clear motion

Vivid & clear image with 5,000 times faster MPRT

Perfect design

Slim & light design Future displays with free form factors

Perfect black

Self-lightening pixels of OLED produce infinite contrast and perfect black without light leakage.

Perfect color

OLED provides accurate & stable color reproduction.
- OLED : Accurate color expression of the input signal
- OLED always produces accurate colors for both bright & dark images.

Perfect viewing screen

OLED has a very wide viewing angle, because of the self-lighting pixels.

Perfect clear motion

Faster response time of OLED provides clear images without image blurring.
* Lower MPRT creates less image blurring
* MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time), GTG (Gray to Gray)

Perfect design


Download: OLED introduction

Please download the reference and get more information of the line-up.


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