LED Cinema

LG LED Cinema

Real Black, Infinite Darkness

The infinite contrast created by the individual LEDs that make up LG LED Cinema creates deep darkness of the content. By bringing fine details perfectly to the screen, it provides viewers an amazing sense of immersion that has never experienced before.

Real Black, Infinite Darkness.

Lifelike Colors

Most cinema screens feature a DCI-P3 Color Gamut spec, but the actual colors that the audience feels may be different. LG LED Cinema accurately reproduces the colors intended by the content creator and delivers the DCI-P3 Color more vividly.

Lifelike Colors.

High Uniformity

Unlike standard projectors using a single light source, LG LED Cinema has LEDs emitting individually and offers an excellent brilliance uniformity. As there is no dimming and image distortion like fading, LG LED Cinema delivers a clearer & uniform image representation on the entire screen.

High Uniformity.

The Optimal Space Utilization

As LG LED Cinema does not need a projection room which is necessary in standard projector-style theaters, it guarantees maximizing profits by securing additional seats. A space behind the stuffy theater can be reinvented to more customer satisfying interiors.

The Optimal Space Utilization.

Compatibility with Dolby

LG LED Cinema has secured compatibility with Dolby Media Server and Dolby Atmos of Dolby, the global leader in the entertainment industry, to offer the most immersive experiences in sound, as well as picture quality.

Compatibility with Dolby.

Longer Lifetime.

Longer Lifetime

The LG LED Cinema boasts 100,000 hours of long lifetime and saves time and cost for maintenance. It doesn’t require placement of parts like lamps as conventional projectors used to.

All Spec


  • Pitch

    3.3 mm

  • LED Type


  • Pixels per LED Module


  • Aspect Ratio

    64 : 90 (per Cabinet)

  • Resolution

    192 × 270 (per Cabinet)

  • Pixels

    51,840 (per Cabinet)

  • Pixel Density

    90,000 (per SQM)

  • Visual Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)

    120º, 120º

  • Color Depth

    12 Bit (DCI-compliant)

  • Chromaticity Uniformity

    In case of White : Within ±0.015 x, ±0.015 y

  • Color Temperature (White)

    (x. y) = (0.314, 0.351) / DCI-P3 Theater

  • Color Temperature (R, G, B)

    DCI-P3 theater
    R: (x. y) = (0.68, 0.32)
    G: (x. y) = (0.265, 0.690)
    B: (x. y) = (0.15, 0.06)

  • Contrast Ratio

    4000 : 1 (Minimum)

  • Brightness(After Calibration)

    48 nit (DCI-compliant)

  • Color Gamut

    DCI - P3 (DCI-compliant)

  • Video Frame Rate

    24 Hz, 25 Hz, 30 Hz, 48 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz

  • Lifetime

    100,000 Hours (LED to Half Brightness)

  • Operation Hours

    16 Hours per Day / 7 Days per Week


  • Modules (per Cabinet)

    6 (2 × 3)

  • Dimension (LDM)

    320 mm × 300 mm

  • Dimension (per Cabinet)

    640 mm × 900 mm × 124 mm (Including Handle)

  • Dimension (4K, Total)

    14,080 mm × 7,200 mm (101 sqm)

  • Dimension (4K, Active Area)

    13,653 mm × 7,200 mm (98 sqm)

  • Weight (per Cabinet)

    15 kg

  • Weight (4K, Total)

    2,640 kg

  • Material of Cabinet Body


  • Heat Generation (per Cabinet)

    221 BTU (Max.) / 73 BTU (Typ.)

  • Serviceability

    Rear only

  • Power Supply

    AC100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz

  • Power Type

    Built-in Power

  • Power Consumption (Max, per Cabinet)

    90 watt (Main) / 52 watt (Secondary)

  • Power Consumption (Max, 4K)

    9,260 W

  • Certification


  • Supported Media Server

    Dolby® IMS3000

  • Interface


  • Operation Temperature

    0°C to 40°C

  • Operation Humidity

    10% to 80%

  • Storage Temperature

    -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

  • Storage Humidity

    5% to 85%

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