Signage 365 Care

LG SuperSign 356 Care is a cloud service solution to manage the operation of LG digital signage displays. Contact LG India today to see how it can enhance your business.

Signage 365 Care

Provides fault diagnosis and remote control service to ensure the stable operation of client business.


Signage 365 Care is a cloud service solution for remotely managing the operating status of signage displays installed in client workplaces. It provides fault diagnosis and remote-control services via monitoring by LG service, ensuring the stable operation of a client’s business.


*The versions of webOS and displays supported are currently being expanded. For further details, please contact LG sales in your region.

Key features

Always prepared

Through direct monitoring and remote diagnosis by LG service, peace of mind when it comes to reliable display operation, and efficient management.

Less downtime

Reduction of average handling time and number of dispatches.

Virtual network computing

Efficient control management with VNC and remote UI.

One solution

Real-time, seamless monitoring for all devices with one solution.

Maintenance process

Usage scenario

Small business owner

With retail businesses so busy during their open hours, it can be difficult to obtain prompt assistance for signage technical issues during the business day, which can negatively impact revenue given the importance of signage advertising for a retail store. Delivering a critical solution, Signage 365 Care provides remote monitoring of the operating status of signage displays with real-time fault diagnosis so your staff can stay focused on attending to customers.

SI company

With their wide sales networks, SI companies typically must care for broad ranging customers. By adopting Signage 365 care, an SI company is able to manage any issues directly, reducing cost and resource burden, in addition to immediate maintenance and troubleshooting.

Global corporation

A large franchise company, which operates many branches countrywide, is able to easily manage the operating status of signage displays installed across various sites.