1 way cassette features

Slim & Compact indoor unit

Slim indoor unit provides flexibility of installation in the narrow ceiling space.

Slim & Compact Indoor unit1

Reddot award winning design enhances aesthetics

Compact panel with a beautiful design improves the aesthetics of the indoor space.


Reddot award winning design enhances aesthetics1

* Year 2016 & 2022.

Even air distribution

Auto Up/ Down/ Left/ Right control provides even Air Distribution.


Even Air Distribution1

Higher comfort

By selecting the wind direction, the occupant can easily achieve the preferred cooling comfort.


Higher Comfort1

6-step vane control

There are 6 different steps to control air flow direction with 1 way cassette. It also has the vane for auto swing that moves between left and right sides for up to 120 degrees.


6-Step Vane Control1

Air purification*

Experience Amazing Cooling with Purified Air.


Air Purification1

*Air Purification is an optional feature and comes with 3 Step or 5 Step Filteration for selected  kit models.