Ceiling concealed duct

LG Ceiling Concealed Duct is a concealed cooling and heating solution that provides optimal temperature control without affecting interior aesthetics.


Clean and fresh air with LG duct UVnano filter box

LG Ceiling Concealed Duct with Duct UVNano Filter Box can provide the suitable solution for Clean and Fresh Environment

* LG Duct UVnano Filter Box needs to be purchased additionally as an option. The applicable model should be checked with the local office when purchasing.

Powerful removal of dust and virus

LG UVnano Duct Filter Box is a dust and virus removal solution that reflects increased indoor air quality needs. Simply assemble the filter box with the duct to sterilize a pre-filter with UVnano and remove bacteria and viruses with MERV13 filter


MERV 13 filter

Certified by


It captures parts of fine dust, bacteria, and viruses in the droplet



It sterilizes up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the pre-filter

MERV 13 filter

MERV 13 Filter removes 1-3 μm particles over 85%, 0.3-1 μm over 50%. It has more than 89.93% efficiency when viruses spread in droplet form (*Based on the result of ASHRAE test)

* Uvnano™ is a compound word derived from the words UV and its unit nanometer.
** Based on TÜV Rheinland test conducted according to LG test method in compliance with ISO 20743 : 2007 removing 99.99 of percent of Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Klebsiella pneumoniae from the air conditioner blower fan after being exposed to UV LED lights for 4 hours (tested models : PBM13M1UA, PBM13M2UA, PBM13M3UA). The result value is measured at a specific point set in the experiment.
*** This result may differ in actual use conditions of the air conditioning system.

* Based on KCL test conducted in compliance with ASHRAE 52.2. ASHARE recommends MERV 13-equivalent filters for reducing airborne infectious aerosol exposure.

A suitable indoor air quality solution for any type of space

Any type of space is suitable for indoor air solutions with a combination of LG ducts and Duct UVnano filter boxes. Interworking with a sufficient ventilation system is recommended.


* Based on ASHRAE Standard's experiment data.

Easy installation of LG duct UVnano filter box

Easy to assemble with Duct and simple to maintain


Filter replacement

MERV13 filter is recommended for replacement after 960 hours of use. The filter can be easily disassembled through the side or bottom

Washable filter

Pre-Filter can be reused after washing with water without replacement

* The replacement cycle of filter may vary depending on the environment.
** The hours indicate the time the filter has been used until the rated air flow rate drops to about 30%.


Operation for multiple rooms

Using a spiral duct (embedded or flexible type) and stream chamber, it is possible to operate cooling and heating for several rooms simultaneously.


E.S.P. control

E.S.P. (External Static Pressure) control function can make air volume controlled easily with remote controller. The BLDC motor can control fan speed and air volume regardless of the external static pressure. No additional accessories are necessary to control air flow.

An image of an office with Indoor Unit Thermistor and Thermistor in Remote Controller.

Two thermistors control

The indoor temperature can be checked using the thermistors in the remote controller, as well as from the indoor unit to sensor temperature difference in one place. Two thermistors can optimize indoor air temperature for a more comfortable environment.


An image of the duct and two images of the pivot table that give information about the minimized product size.

* Conventional models are ARNU28GBGA2, ARNU36GBGA2, ARNU42GBGA2 and new models are ARNU28GM2A4, ARNU36GM2A4, ARNU42GM2A4.

An image of the flexible way the duct can be installed.

Flexible installation (low static duct only)

The new low static duct allows the air intake at the rear or bottom under installation condition.

Ceiling concealed duct line up

Ceiling Concealed Duct Line Up

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