Multi V IV

Multi V IV is a Variable Refrigerant Flow air conditioning system. It offers a powerful but compact air conditioning solution. Contact LG for a quote today.


Multi V IV

Perfect HVAC Solution for Commercial Buildings


Key features

World Top Class Efficiency | Uncompromising Performance | Redefined Convenience



World top class efficiency

Multi V IV delivers industry leading energy efficiency, helping to significantly reduce the energy consumption of a building.



LG’s 4th generation inverter compressor

With a fourth generation inverter compressor, the Multi V IV boasts top-class energy efficiency



Vapor injection

Two-stage compression improves heating efficiency and boosts heating performance even in extremely cold weather (up to -25℃)



Extended compressor speed 15~150Hz

Multi V IV compressor elaborately adjusts its speed in respond to required temperature, thus reducing energy loss while providing comfort in a short period of time.



LG’s HIPOR™ (high pressure oil return)

LG’s HIPOR™ technology resolves compressor efficiency loss and improves part load efficiency by directly collecting oil to the inside of the compressor.



Optimal heat exchanger circuit

Variable Heat Exchanger Circuit intelligently selects the optimal number of heat exchanging paths to increase efficiency.


Smart load control

It adjusts indoor discharge air according to outdoor and indoor temperature. This optimizies energy efficiency and maximizes indoor comfort level in cooling/heating modes.



Uncompromising performance

Multi V IV promises comfort indoor atmosphere regardless of external environments



Wide operation range

Multi V IV has extended the range of cooling and heating operation through enhanced inverter compressor and control technology.



Comfort cooling

By adjusting refrigerant flow, Multi V IV maintains comfort indoor environment once it reaches the target temperature.



Redefined convenience

Flexible design capability and smart system diagnosis of Multi V IV provides most convenience for all.



Upgraded fault Detection & Diagnosis (FDD)

The whole new FDD quickly diagnoses system errors and provides optimal solution for maintenance.



Expanded piping capabilities

Multi V IV boasts long piping capabilities. 1000 meters in total piping length (longest piping length between outdoor & indoor unit is 200 meters).



Lightweight outdoor units

Multi V IV is easy to handle and install due to lightweight outdoor units.



Large capacity

Multi V IV’s larger capacity unit significantly saves valuable building space.


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