LG India Multi V S for Business provides powerful VRF for private residences and small offices. It maximizes energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs. Learn more below.
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    Quick Operating Response

    Operation response gets faster and more accurate with pressure sensor. Pressure control gets 14% faster in cooling mode, improving user comfort.
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    Optimal Heat Exchanger Circuit

    The variable heat exchanger circuit intelligently selects optimal paths for both heating and cooling operation. This increases efficiency up to 5%.
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    Heat Exchanger with Wide Louver Plus Fin

    Heat exchanger efficiency is improved up to 7% with wide louver plus fin by slowing down the frosting and postponing the defrosting operation.
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    World's Best Class Compressor Speed

    With wider frequency range from 15Hz to 150Hz, MULTI V S improves part load efficiency, enhancing the rapid response capability. The concentrated motor provides compact core design for compressor.

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    High Pressure Compressor

    Due to high temperature and pressure, viscosity of oil is secured, thus there is no need for oil pump. This eventually increases compressor efficiency.

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    6 By-pass Valve

    Compressor reliability is maximized with 6 by-pass valve as it prevents compressor damage caused by excessively compressed refrigerant.

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    High Reliability at All Capacity

    For models with capacity below 7HP, rotary compressor is installed while scroll compressor is applied for models with more than 7HP capacity, making it highly reliable and efficient.

  • Smart Load Control

    MULTI V S controls refrigerant temperature according to indoor, outdoor and setting temperatures. This optimizes energy efficiency by saving up to 13% and maximizes indoor comfort level in cooling/heating modes.
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