LG India Multi V Water IV for Business is engineered for superior energy savings giving occupants the choice to air condition or heat only the zones in use.
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    Extended Compressor Speed

    Rapid operation response increases part load efficiency.

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    Shell and Coil Heat Exchanger

    It is designed for the projects where both manual and chemical cleaning is feasible.

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    Energy loss is eliminated by returning oil directly to compressor for increased efficiency.

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    Compact Size

    The optimal design of the compact, lightweight outdoor unit enables double stacking, which results in 50% savings in installation space.
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    Light Weight

    Easier to transport and install thanks to 13% reduction in unit size and 20% reduction in overall weight.
  • Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)

    LG applied variable water flow control system for water-cooled VRF system to optimize water flow control regarding partial cooling or heating load conditions. This enabled decrease in circulation pump energy consumption.
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