Why Visit LG Business Innovation Center?

LG Business Innovation Center are carefully curated environments that
provide a wide range of experiences.

Hands-On Experience

Our LG Business Innovation Center are an option to experience our latest innovations and solutions in person to try before you buy.





Engage with Experts

Each location allows customers to get involved with our technical experts, who can provide insight on sales, engineering, SW Solutions, and more.




Integration Inspiration

By browsing in person, gain a better understanding for space, layout, and unique ways to incorporate our solutions in your space.




Let Us Host!

Whether it is for a meeting or an event, LG is eager to host our resellers and their customers.


LG Business Innovation Center Locations

Experience world-class business solutions through our number of
LG Business Innovation Centers.

LG Business Innovation Center, Noida


LG's first technology and education hub focuses on Information Displays and Display Technologies for various business environments.


LG Business Innovation Center, Mumbai


The LG Mumbai Business Innovation Center (BIC) serves as a comprehensive technology and education hub, showcasing Information Display Solutions for various business sectors.

LG Business Innovation Center, Bengaluru


LG Business Innovation Center in Bengaluru offers a wide range of Information Display Solutions for various professional environments, including Education, Retail, Corporate and Government sectors.

LG Business Innovation Center, Chennai


LG BIC Chennai, a state-of-the-art technology and education hub, offers Information Display Solutions across various sectors, including Education, Finance, Retail, PSU and Government.

LG Business Innovation Center, Kolkata


LG Business Innovation Center in Kolkata offers a wide range of information display solutions across various sectors.