Discover LG’s OLED technology with slim, light and future display. OLED technology provides intense colour and stunning contrast. Read more about LG OLED technology below.
  • Structure of OLED Panel

    OLED does not require the backlight unit nor the liquid crystal layer.

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    The Self –Emissive OLED Display

    · No Back Light Unit : Light leakage free
    · No Liquid Crystal Layer : Wide viewing angle, Faster response time
    · Simple Structure : Less components, Slim / sleek design
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    Consumer Research

    The result of the consumer survey in terms of picture quality & design in China/U.S./Germany shows that OLED is superior to LCD.
    ※ Source: Consumer Survey , upper 30 income, 55” and over $1500 TV Purchased/purchase intended (TNS, ‘14.12~’15.01)
    ※ Total Preference (Avg. of China, U.S., Germany), Brand / Price information not revealed
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    The Next Display, OLED Display

    OLED is a new display technology that overcomes the limits of the current displays in terms of picture quality and design.

5 Superiorities of OLED Display

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    Perfect Black

    Pure black with self-lightning pixels

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    Perfect Color

    Accurate & stable color reproduction

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    Perfect Viewing Screen

    No color distortion from any viewing angle

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    Perfectly Clear Motion

    Vivid & clear image with 5,000 times faster MPRT

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    Perfect Design

    Slim & light design Future displays with free form factors

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    Perfect Black

    Self-lightening pixels of OLED produce infinite contrast and perfect black without light leakage.
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    Perfect Color

    OLED provides accurate & stable color reproduction.
    - OLED : Accurate color expression of the input signal
    - OLED always produces accurate colors for both bright & dark images.
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    Perfect Viewing Screen

    OLED has a very wide viewing angle, because of the self-lighting pixels.
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    Perfect Clear Motion

    Faster response time of OLED provides clear images without image blurring.
    * Lower MPRT creates less image blurring
    * MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time), GTG (Gray to Gray)
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    Perfect Design