Applying LG VIC technology to video walls allows it to look like one display by minimizing colour and brightness difference between displays. Read more below.
  • Introduction

    Developed a new technology to make Videowall look like one display by minimizing Color & Brightness difference between display and within each display.
    ※ VIC : Video-wall Image Creation

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    Present Status

    1. Currently LCD technology is focused on single display products
    2. Color & Brightness difference can be easily detected in Videowalls

What is VIC

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    Process Flow

    Applying VIC technology to Videowall, compensating Color and Brightness difference in circuit part with algorism to create different displays look “Like One Display”
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VIC Improvements

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    Before VIC

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    After VIC

VIC Advantages

1. Simplifying Customer’s Calibration Process!

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    Before VIC

    Customer is required to proceed Calibration Process
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    After VIC

    Customer’s Calibration Process is simplified

2. Simplifying Calibration Process for replacement

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    Before VIC

    Entire Calibration process is required for Replacement due to uniformity issue
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    After VIC

    Simplifying Calibration process for replacement