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[電視] 有線網絡連接錯誤

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LG TV Wired Connection Error



When the internet cannot be accessed with the Smart TV,

it may be due to several reasons including:

Loss of power for the TV or home network hardware.
Home network equipment malfunctioning.
Problems with the equipment or
   the broadband connection from the internet service provider.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps,

confirm that power has been restored after a power outage.


Troubleshooting for Wired Network Problem


In case of a power outage, first confirm power has been restored. 

Next, ensure that the TV can be turned on normally. Proceed with the following steps.

1. Check that home network equipment is properly connected to the Internet source

     and to the TV.

2. After a power outage, all network equipment should be reset.

    Refer to section on Reset Router/Modem.

3. After resetting the network equipment, confirm the LED status lights to see signals

    from the Internet Service Provider. Check the network status to confirm access.


4. Press the Smart button on the remote controller.

    Select Settings > NETWORK > Network Status, thenn press the WHEEL or Enter.

    This will run the Network Status test automatically.



5. The results of the Network Status Check is shown below.



6. A red ✗ mark indicates no connection either through the Gateway, DNS, or Internet.

     Reset the network equipment again. Refer to section on Reset Router/Modem.

7. After resetting the network equipment, rerun the
Network Status test to check connection.

    If internet access is unavailable, contact the internet service provider.





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