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What should I do if I hear popping noises while watching TV or turning TV on or off?



Symptom Symptom


          1. Cracking noises are made from TV when power is turned on or off.





Cause Cause


           1. Cracking noise


           - The noise heard while TV is viewed or turned on or off is due to thermal(heat) deformation or heat expansion of plastic materials

                due to temperature and humidity.

                It  happens commonly on products subject to heat deformation such as vehicles or furniture.



                   2. Electrical noise


              -  It is a subtle sound generated from a high-speed switching circuit when current is supplied to operate products.

                 The noise level  differs by model.


              -  Noises does not affect product performance and reliability.

                  It is normal to have a certain level of noise that meets strict standards LG  follows when manufacturing the products,

                  and they are not subject to exchange or refunds.



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