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Why is my app not working?



symptom Symptom


          1. Purchased apps cannot be used.





how to fix How to fix 

           1. When apps are found to be not running on TVs at customer centers, sellers will be contacted. 

                 - We ask you for your understanding as it may take some time to process

                 - Refunds can be made when the issue is registered on Help Desk and confirmed as an app error.




              2. When a customer wants a refund


                  - Request for refund to Help Desk Board ( by providing “Member ID, Purchase date, Purchased item and Reason to refund”.


                  - It may take some time to review the request and  you will be notified of  the approval or denial of your request by phone.

                   (Help Desk Board  is for internal use only)


                  - Refund will be made after a maximum of 7 working days when the payment was made on a credit card.


                  - If your monthly payments has been already made, the refund will be credited on payment of the following month.


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