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Magic Remote 不運作時, 更換了電池嗎?

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  • 最後更新 20/04/2015

Did you change batteries if Magic remote does not work?




Symptom Symptom


             1. Magic Remote does not work.






Cause Cause


             1. New Magic remote (M4 model) may show  inaccurate cursor movement or malfunction. 

             2. Magic Remote consumes batteries faster than a normal remote due to its continuous communication with TV.


             3. When the batteries are low, it may cause the remote to function abnormally.






How to fix How to fix


             1. When the message that says “Magic remote battery is low. Change the battery” is displayed on TV,

                 replace batteries.

When the message appears, it indicates that around 40% of battery capacity remains.

                 Replace  batteries within a month.


                                 Recharge-battery message appears on TV screen


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