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[LG webOS TV] Live 選單

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  • 最後更新 25/06/2015

[LG webOS TV] Live Menu


function What Is Live Menu?


             When you watch TV, you can use the related functions easily.

             1. Press home and then click Live TV.

             2. Move the Magic Remote pointer to the right of the TV screen.


                 live menu


             live menu channel Programmes

                 Displays the content currently being broadcast on other programmes.




                 ● The programmes displayed on the programme List are provided by the broadcasting service provider.

                    If the service provider changes the programmes without notice, the actual TV programmes may be different from them.

                 ● As the programme information displayed on the programme List includes information provided by the EPG,

                     the actual TV programmes maybe different from them.

                 ● After connecting the Set-Top Box, You can view programmes and the schedule of the Set-Top Box.

                     If you edit Programmes on your set-top box, TV Programmes and set-top box programme information may not be identical.



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