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[LG webOS TV] 如何將電腦顯示投射到電視上?

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  • 最後更新 13/07/2015

[LG webOS TV] How to see the PC screen on the TV


how to use To see the PC screen on the TV


             Connect wireless

             1. Press Home  and then click  Option on the bottom right side of the Home.

             2. You can start the Screen Share app.

             3. Start Intel® WiDi on the device you want to connect.

             4. Your TV will be displayed in the list of available devices.

             5. Select your TV to request a connection, and a message asking you to enter an 8-digit PIN will appear on the TV screen.

             6. Enter the PIN and select Connect.

             7. After the connection is established, the TV will display the screen of the connected device.


                 ● It is recommended that you always update your device to be connected to your TV to the latest OS version for a reliable connection.

                 ● When connecting via Intel® WiDi, it is recommended that you place the device in close proximity with the TV.

                 ● Intel® WiDi allows connections without a wireless router. For the best possible performance, connect your device to a 5 GHz router.

                 ● This feature is only available on PCs that support Intel® WiDi .
                 ● It supports the connection over the Intel® WiDi 3.5 version.

                 ● The response rate may vary depending on the user's environment.

                 ● It's differ from Windows version. For more information on the device you want to connect to, refer to its user guide.

                 ● Turn Listen Mode to On after launch the Screen Share app. You can connect the device without start the Screen Share app.

                 ● Listen Mode may affect the performance of your wireless connection when connected to an AP.

                     If there are any issues related to wireless performance, it is recommended to turn off Listen Mode.

                 ● For more information, refer to the Screen Share app.


             Connect wired

             Connect the PC with TV by HDMI cable. 
             Please refer to the Owner's Manual(Connecting PC) which is delivered with your TV.



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