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[LG webOS TV] 如何使用螢幕上的遙控?

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  • 最後更新 13/07/2015

[LG webOS TV] Screen Remote Control


how to use How to use the screen remote

            1. Press  screen remote button on the Magic Remote.

            2. Select a button on the Screen Remote displayed on the screen using the Magic Remote.


            screen remote


            ① Capture TV:  You can capture the TV screen. [This feature is available on certain models only.] 


            ② Use the Set Up Universal Control function for any connected external devices.

                 If you select a connected device, it changes to the remote control of the selected device.


            ③ A remote control button is displayed in accordance with the selected device.


            ④ Sound Out : You can output sound using the audio device you want.



                ● You can use this only with the Magic Remote.

                ● You can purchase the Magic Remote separately if it is not provided. 

                ● The type of buttons on the Screen Remote varies depending on the region

                    or on the type of a connected device.

                ● The configurable items differ depending on model or country.



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