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[LG webOS TV] 如何設定無線網絡

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  • 最後更新 21/07/2015
[LG webOS TV] How to set a Wireless Network
how to use How to set a Wireless Network


            HOME button on the remote control  Setting icon  Advanced Settings icon  Network Wi-Fi Connection







            If you have set the TV up for a wireless network,
            you can check and connect to the available wireless Internet networks.     



            Add a hidden wireless network

            If you input the name of network directly, you can add a wireless network.




            Connect via WPS PBC.

            Connects easily when the button of a wireless AP supporting PBC is pressed.




            Connect via WPS PIN.

            Connects easily when the PIN of the wireless AP that you wish to connect to is entered

            in to the AP configuration webpage.



Advanced settings

            If you input the information of network directly, you can enter a wireless network. 



            For some models, you must connect a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle

               (provided as an accessory or sold separately) to use this function.


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