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How can I connect a smartphone and TV to watch the smartphone screen through TV?


Connect TV by using MHL cable.

How to fix

 Slim port and MHL have different supporting method depending on mobile phone and TV models.
LGE mobile phone models higher than G PRO are compatible with slim port, but previous models need MGL cable to connect them to TV.
Before making a purchase of cables, check spec. of TV and mobile phone and choose the right type of cable or converter.

How to connect

Mobile high-definition link (MHL) refers to the function to connect mobile phone to TV and send video and sound from mobile phone to TV to play them on TV.
Connect MHL port of mobile phone and HDMI port of TV with NHL to HDMI cable (sold separately).

Some converter might not be detected due to the compatibility.

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When using MHL converter (MHL to HDMI cable), additional power terminal needs to be connected.
Slim port is not sold by this company.


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