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No current time showing on TV.


Time on the TV is not correct.
If you push OK button (information display), you can check the time set.

For those receiving digital signal through antenna, if you set “Auto”, the time is set as the one transmitted from the broadcasting station.

② For those watching TV through set-top box or other external devices, you can select “Manual” and set time manually.

※ After setting the time, if you turn off the power (blackout, power cable disconnection, power strip off), it will be initialized so you need to set again.

※ If the time is incorrect, scheduled recording and scheduled On/Off will not be done at the time you wanted

How to fix

Non-Smart TV

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① Auto: SETTINGSTIMEcheck ‘Current Time' → Clock Auto
For DTV users, if your set as Auto, the time will be transmitted from broadcasting station..

Manual: SETTINGSTIMEcheck ‘Current Time' → ClockManual → set year/month/date/hour/minute.

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<how –="" set="" to="" span="" <="" tv="" smart="">Netcast</how> ‘12~’15>

① Auto: [Smart] or [Settings menu] → [SETTINGS] → [TIME] → [Clock]→ [Auto]

Manual: [Smart] or [Settings menu] → [SETTINGS] → [TIME] → [Clock]→ [Manual]



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