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連接外置裝置 (USB, 藍光機) 後, 電視未能顯示3D影像

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  • 最後更新 15/06/2016

No 3D image after connecting external devices (USB drives, Blue-ray, etc.).s

  How to fix  

- 3D supported modes are HDMI / RGB-PC / USB / DLNA / Component /  DTV.

※ 3D supported mode may vary by model. Refer to the user’s manual to check 3D supported mode.

You are suggested to use HDMI cable when watching 3D through peripherals (set-top box, bluray, PC)

- Only some models provide 2D → 3D conversion. And in this case, 3D effect will be less realistic

than the ones originally produced as 3D  video.              


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