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[音響] 為甚麼 smart audio (Music Flow) 群組設定取消了?

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  • 最後更新 09/04/2015

  - Smart audio (Music flow) group setting is canceled.



  - Group setting may be canceled when alarm rings, power is turned on/off, or wireless network connection is weak.


How to fix

 1. When alarm sounds

   - Alarm settings are separate for each speaker, therefore group setting is automatically canceled when alarm rings
    for user convenience.


 2. When power is turned off/on

   - If power is turned off when a group is set, speaker is disconnected and group setting is canceled.

     Turn power back on and activate group settings. 


 3. When wireless network is weak

   - Group settings may be cancelled due to interference when wireless network connection is weak.

     Place speakers near the router.


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