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Internet connection is lost frequently with Qpair. Why?


symptom Symptom


             Internet is disconnected frequently with Qpair.



cause Cause


             If internet connection is lost frequently with Qpair, please check your device settings as follows.

             1. Internet connection will be automatically disabled after a certain period of time if Hotspot Timeout is set up.

             2. Go to Qpair > internet via phone > Wi-fi preferred mode. If Wi-fi preferred mode checkbox is checked,

                 Hotspot connection will be disabled and the detected AP will be connected.


how to fix How to fix


               1. When Hotspot Timeout is set up on the connected device.


                  Hotspot Timeout Set up        Hotspot Timeout Set up



                - Check if Wi-Fi hotspot Timeout is set up.  Turn off if yes.


                  Hotspot Timeout Set up

                               <Hotspot Timeout Set up>



               2. When Wi-Fi preferred mode is on.

                   When an AP saved is detected, Hotspot connection will be disabled and the AP will be connected. 
               During the shift, internet will be disconnected. 
               To use Hotspot only on the mobile phone, deactivate the Wi-Fi preferred mode.


                  Change settings on QPair        Change settings on QPair

                                                                     <Change settings on QPair>



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