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無需經電腦, 如何更新手機軟體?

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How can I upgrade the cell phone software without a PC?


symptom Symptom


              When you have a SW issue (please refer to a list of symptoms below),

              please upgrade the software with the latest version via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).


              - Phone resets while receiving / sending messages

              - Intermittent power reset when mode is changed
              - Phone randomly powers off
              - Phone randomly freezes or hangs
              - Features and applications do not run


function What is FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)?


           FOTA is a wireless tool to update smart phone software. It is offered to enhance customer’s convenience.

              You do not have to do anything to apply, but make sure your phone supports FOTA.

              Download the firmware update directly from the operators or LG.

              It also allows manufacturers and operators to send “Push” messages for firmware updates to their customers

              to help reduce time and cost while increasing customer satisfaction.


how to use How  to check the latest software


           Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update > Check now for update

              upgrade software  upgrade software  upgrade software



              FOTA UI – Download & Install




              notification for installation










              ※ To avoid additional charges, please make sure you have access to a Wi-Fi network.

                   Please fully charge your phone and memory space. Do not remove the battery during upgrade.


check point FOTA FAQ


              1. I was downloading update via a Wi-Fi network and lost connection when I moved to another location

                  - Can continue download via a 3G network.                  

                  - When Wi-Fi Only is selected, download will be resumed when you have access to a Wi-Fi network.  


              2. I lost all connection to 3G and Wi-Fi network during download

                  - It will be resumed and you do not have start over.


              3. Can I update after rooting?

                  - If the phone software is modified due to rooting, it cannot be updated.

                  - FOTA does not update as a whole picture but downloads and updates changes.


              4. Phone turned off during download

                  - Download will resume when power is back on.


              5. Is customer data saved?

                 - Customer data will not be deleted but it is recommended to back up data as it cannot be guaranteed.


              6. There are many software updates. Can I update once with the latest version?

                 - Updates should be done in order to keep your phone with the latest version.


              7. What is the difference between Web Update and FOTA?

                 - Ultimately both provides the same software update (make sure to update in order via FOTA).



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