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安裝應用程式後出現錯誤, 我應如何處理?

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  • 最後更新 26/08/2015

Error occurs after installing an app. What should I do?



image Cause


            Downloaded apps can cause errors. Take caution when downloading free apps with low ratings

            or others from Blackmarket or MyMarket to avoid malfunction.


            Applicable : All smartphones


            Errors can occur when you download and install an app from the Play Store. Please restart in

            Safe mode when your phone fails to power on or you cannot remove the app.



image How to run Safe mode


            Press and hold the Power button when your phone is on. Tap and hold Power Off to see a

            pop-up saying “Restart in Safe mode”.


            After restarting in Safe mode, go to Menu (Apps) > Settings > General > Apps to manage

            malfunctioning apps.


            Safe Mode will be indicated at the lower-left corner of the screen. To disable the mode, turn off

            your phone and back on.



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