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我遺失了我的手機, 我能否刪除手內的數據?

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I lost my phone. Can I delete saved data?



image What is McAfee Mobile Security?


            Use McAfee Mobile Security to protect your phone, data, and personal information and keep it safe from

            malicious codes when your phone is lost or stolen.


            With McAfee Mobile Security, you can do the following :

                Search and block malicious codes

                Track lost or stolen phone

                Back up data to prevent data loss

                Delete data on the phone on remote or default to factory settings

                Prevent the person who stole your phone from defaulting your phone 

            Phone security

            Phone will be searched to protect it from threats at all times.


            Find your phone

            When you lose your phone, go to on the PC to find or lock your phone or

            delete data.



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