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[G2] Google account 設定

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  • 最後更新 08/10/2015

Google account setup




Function Explanation Google account setup


     When you first turn on your phone, you have the opportunity to activate the network, to sign into your Google Account and select how you want to use certain Google services.



How to use To set up your Google account:


     Sign into a Google Account from the prompted set-up screen.
     • Tap image > image > Apps tab > select a Google application, such as Gmail > select New to create a new account.

     If you have a Google account, tap Existing, enter your email address and password, then tap image.
     Once you have set up your Google account on your phone, your phone automatically synchronizes with your Google account on the Web.
     Your contacts, Gmail messages, Calendar events and other information from these applications and services on the Web are synchronized with your phone.

     (This will depend on your synchronization settings.)
     After signing in, you can use Gmail™ and take advantage of Google services on your phone.



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