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[G2] 虛擬鍵盤

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  • 最後更新 08/10/2015
<STRONG> On-screen keyboard</STRONG>




Function explanation On-screen keyboard


     You can enter text using the on-screen keyboard. The on-screen keyboard appears automatically on the screen when you need to enter text.

     To manually display the keyboard, simply tap a text field where you want to enter text.


How to use Using the keypad & entering text

     image Tap once to capitalize the next letter you type. Double-tap for all caps.
     image Tap to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard.
     image Tap to switch to handwriting mode.
     image Tap to enter a space.
     image Tap to create a new line.
     image Tap to delete the previous character.

     Entering accented letters

     When you select French or Spanish as the text entry language, you can enter special French or Spanish characters (e.g. "á").
     For example, to input "á", touch and hold the "a" key until the zoom-in key grows bigger and displays characters from different languages. Then select the special character you want.



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