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[G2] LG SmartWorld

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  • 最後更新 24/11/2015

 LG SmartWorld

     LG SmartWorld offers an assortment of exciting content - games, applications,
     wallpaper and ringtones - giving LG phone users the chance to enjoy richer "Mobile
     Life" experiences.

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 How to Get to LG SmartWorld from Your Phone

     1  Tap  > > Apps tab > tap the icon to access LG SmartWorld.
     2  Tap Sign in and enter ID/PW for LG SmartWorld. If you have not signed up yet, tap
         Register to receive your LG SmartWorld membership.
     3  Download the content you want.

     ※ NOTE: What if there is no icon?

     1  Using a mobile Web browser, access LG SmartWorld (
         and select your country.
     2  Download the LG SmartWorld App.
     3  Run and install the downloaded file.
     4  Access LG SmartWorld by tapping the icon.


 How to use LG SmartWorld

     • Participate in monthly LG SmartWorld promotions.


     • Try the easy "Menu" buttons to find what you’re looking for fast.
       Apps for you – Recommended content based on your previous choices.
       Settings – Set Profile and Display.
       Sign in – Set your ID and Password.

     • Try other useful functions as well. (Content Detail screen)
     ※  NOTE: LG SmartWorld may not be available from all carriers or in all



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