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[Nexus 5X] NFC 功能防護/進階指引

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  • 最後更新 24/11/2015

NFC restrictions and in-advance guide to the customers



     • It does not support mobile transit card function, micro payment function using transit 
       card, or mobile credit card function based on UICC, etc.
     Following restrictions occur accordingly, and such restrictions are the same for other Nexus devices
     that were released in the past
     - Offline payment is not possible (transit card cannot be used, payment function using mobile credit
       card is not possible), and especially, even if you insert a SIM that was used in other devices, etc.,
       you still cannot use the service.
     - If you install/run the relevant app for new subscription to the service, there is a possibility of
       app malfunction.
     - If App or service is not properly installed, you may not use online payment properly.

     [ Customer Guide ]
     - Unavailable Services: Nexus device function specifications are decided by Google, and 
       by Google’ policy, unlike general manufacturers’ models, manufacturer cannot change them. 
       Therefore, the communication between “UICC and NFC chipset”, which is essential for the use of
       the above functions, is blocked, and even if you are a new user or were using the service before, 
       you may no longer use the corresponding function.
     - Guide to use alternatives: Please use the corresponding services with other methods such as
        credit cards supporting pre-paid transit  cards.

     ※ NOTE : Among mobile credit cards, an “app card” function using a bar code or QR code is
                   a function that has nothing to do with NFC.  For problems using such “app cards”, or
                    whether it is supported, please contact the corresponding card company.

     • In some door locks, there may be restrictions for building access function using NFC
       (unlocking door-locks without card keys).
     - Depending on the SW methods and the types of NFC chipsets, some door locks may not be

     [ Customer Guide ]
     - Contact the door lock manufacturer: the types of terminals for specific door-locks.

     • NFC antenna location is different from the previously released terminals
       (terminal back center > terminal back top)
     - Unlike other terminals that generally have NFC antenna at the back center, NFC antenna is located
       at the back top, in the form surrounding the back camera. Therefore, NFC performance may be
       degraded, or seems not working properly if you use the back center.

<SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial">     [ Customer Guide ]
     - NFC antenna location and usage guide: If you use NFC function for reading tags, Android Beam,
       etc., please attach the top part of the terminal. (Touching the camera area to the tag or other terminals.)



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