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[V10] 你可否透過指紋認證觀看鎖定了的媒體匣或Q Memo 內容?

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  • 最後更新 27/11/2015

Can you view the locked contents in gallery and Q Memo with fingerprint?


     You can view the locked contents in gallery and QuickMemo+ with fingerprint.

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 How to use

     - To view the locked contents with fingerprint, place a check next to [Content lock] in fingerprint
       settings menu.

     - Password or Pattern lock must be used in order to set content lock.  After setting
       up appropriate lock method you can use fingerprint to lock contents.

     - Select Gallery or QuickMemo+ app menu’s [View locked file]/[View locked memo] category,
       and when you let it recognize fingerprint in unlock screen, you can quickly view the locked






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