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如何於相機手動摸式中利用raw 來拍攝?

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  • 最後更新 01/06/2016

Raw format photographing, which can be performed by selecting the 4th button on the left in expert mode, saves the original image in a raw format with the general JPEG picture at the same time.


If raw mode is engaged, a raw picture is also saved with a JPG picture when photographing. At this time, the format of the raw picture is DNG.

The DNG file can occupy a large space because the size is big.

The original image taken in a raw format cannot be checked in the Gallery, and the saved file can be checked in File Manager. However, the DNG mark will be attached to the picture in the Gallery, if there is an image taken in raw format.

If the picture is deleted from the Gallery, the associated DNG file will be deleted at the same time.


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